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Learn how to reply to reviews using rankingCoach’s new AI Assistant.

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1. How can I manage my reviews from rankingCoach?

Customer reviews and personal recommendations are an important part of your online visibility, as much as important and valuable as the SEO task and local listings.

Managing reviews in the rankingCoach app can help you stay on top and reply to reviews as quickly as you get them. To access your reviews simply log into your account and click on Web Reputation in the left hand tab of your project. At the moment, you can reply to reviews from your Google Business and Facebook accounts. In order to do so make sure your Google Business Profile, as well as your Facebook Business account, are connected.

2. What is rankingCoach Web Reputation?

Being on top of your reputation and gaining more customers is the key. rankingCoach Web Reputation, allows you to use one app and dashboard to reply to manage your online reputation. With this feature, you can engage with your customers and ask for more reviews, or you can handle negative reviews in a more professional manner such as asking for more information and showing your commitment to business and critics.

Reviews also help you hear your customers and this way you can improve your product and offers.

With all this in mind, the rankingCoach Web Reputation has an AI assistant feature to help you in a quicker and more effective way with automated response generation.

3. How rankingCoach’s AI-Assistant reply feature work?

By connecting your Google and Facebook, rankingCoach will have access to activity and mentions of your account and business.

As soon as there is activity and you get a review, the app will notify you with an email alert, and our AI Assistant will start analyzing the review received. Our AI Assistant will also start working in response to the review. The tone of the response will be in line with the review, your brand style, and the message you want to share. You can even ask it to respond in a particular manner. Say, make the answer sound more “fun” for example.

To access the review and response, simply click on the Web Reputation tab, select the reviews you want to reply to and click the Reply button next to each review.

Next, use the Generate Reply button to activate the AI-Assistant.

Our AI assistant will start writing the response you can send, but if needed you can adjust the AI-generated reply. If you like the response, just click on Keep and then Send to post it.

With our AI Assistant, make your review management experience even smoother and more efficient with each update. Saving you time while also responding to your customers in a concise and highly professional manner.

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