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How to connect your Facebook and Instagram to rankingCoach?
How to connect your Facebook and Instagram to rankingCoach?

Learn how to connect two major social media platforms with your rankingCoach account

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1. How to connect Facebook and rankingCoach?

In case you have an existing Facebook account that you would like to connect to rankingCoach, you can simply go to your rankingCoach dashboard. In the left menu, click on “Online presence” and then on “Facebook”. Here you can connect your Facebook account to rankingCoach by clicking on “Connect Facebook”.

Based on the information added during the registration such as the name of the business, website, and email, the application will suggest a Facebook page with matching data. However, for the app to suggest a Facebook account, you need to be logged in to your Facebook page and your role in the Facebook account has to be an admin role. Only the admin can connect with third-party apps such as rankingCoach.

It is important that your page is a business page, meaning you have to have an active Meta Business Suite.

The Facebook page you want to connect with has to be open to the public and visible to our app as well as to any other users with the link to your page. If you’re not sure about visibility settings check out Facebook pages to learn more about it.

When connecting the account, check if you are logged in to the correct business page you want to manage in the app. By default, the app will try to connect to the page that is running and it is active at the moment in your browser.

Facebook is a third-party platform, therefore we need to be able to access page information and certain rights to be able to make the connection. Some of the permissions which need to be enabled are access to basic profile information and email addresses. You will also need to allow rankingCoach to manage pages, publish content, and access your profile and posts from the Instagram account connected to your Facebook page.

More about the connection and how to enable your permissions settings during the connection process is described in this article below in the section - What type of access and permission should I check?

2. How to connect Instagram with rankingCoach?

To connect your Instagram account to the RankingCoach app, you must first ensure that you are logged in to your Facebook account, as the option to connect Instagram is integrated with Facebook. This also means you have to connect to Facebook first, as instructed above.

Navigate to the same location where you would typically connect your Facebook account within the app. Here, the option to connect to Instagram will not be separate but will instead be streamlined with the Facebook connection process.

This means that once you initiate the connection with Facebook, the app will automatically detect and connect your Instagram account if you have the Facebook Meta Business Suite.

This seamless integration simplifies the process, allowing you to manage both Facebook and Instagram accounts efficiently from a single platform.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly link your Instagram account to the RankingCoach app, enabling you to optimize your social media presence and enhance your online visibility.

Once connected your Facebook and Instagram will look like this:

If your Facebook account is connected but Instagram is not, you should check your Instagram account settings. Ensure that both your Instagram and Facebook accounts are set up as Business accounts and that all permissions are enabled. If your Instagram account is not connected, you'll be prompted to do so. Simply follow the prompts to connect your Instagram account, ensuring that your social media presence is fully optimized across both platforms.

3. What type of access and permission should I check?

Connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts is a straightforward process, as long as you have Meta Business Suite activated and your accounts set up as Business accounts.

To begin, ensure that each account is configured as a Business account. Once this prerequisite is met, navigate to the settings or business manager section of your Facebook account, where you'll find the option to link your Instagram account.

Click on the relevant option and follow the on-screen instructions to connect the accounts. It's crucial to have Meta Business Suite activated as it offers comprehensive tools for managing and analyzing your social media presence across both Facebook and Instagram.

With Meta Business Suite, you can gain valuable insights into your audience, create targeted advertising campaigns, and effectively monitor the performance of your posts and Ads.

Once you have your social media account set as a business account and Meta Business is up and running, check your permission settings on Facebook.

Make sure that all these options are on “yes”. If not, please turn the options to give rankingCoach rights in order to connect your Facebook page:

Your page roles, visibility and permissions are available in the Facebook Page settings.

If you already have a Facebook page connected with us, and you want to add a different one, or you create another project and want to connect for the first time to a new Facebook page on that project, make sure that when you click on “Connect account” the pop up will appear. Click first on “Edit settings” in order to check if the project you want to connect with us is marked. It looks like this:

Please take note that the Facebook token expires every 3 months, so you will have to follow these steps if you get the message that your account is not connected anymore.

Connecting Facebook and Instagram accounts can greatly streamline social media management processes, particularly when using the Engagement section of the RankingCoach app.

By linking these accounts, you have centralized control over your social media presence, enabling you to efficiently manage various aspects of online activity. Additionally, you can monitor and manage posts and activities across both Facebook and Instagram within the same interface, optimizing content scheduling, engagement, and performance tracking.

If you have any questions or need help connecting the accounts, please contact our support team, we are happy to help you.

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