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How to best manage your online reputation with rankingCoach.
How to best manage your online reputation with rankingCoach.

Learn how rankingCoach can help you to manage your online reputation in a few short and practical steps.

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rankingCoach 360 will help you to gain visibility for your website by being able to synchronize all online directories simultaneously that are relevant to your industry or business sector. Also, you can connect your social media accounts so you can have all notifications of your online presence in one place, which will help you stay on top of your reputation quickly and effectively.

1. rankingCoach and online directories

Did you know that new studies have revealed that 74% of consumers have greater trust in a company if they read positive reviews, and that around 97% of consumers read online reviews before they actually visit a business? We live in a time when your online reputation can be your strongest asset. Whether you own a small or big business, your business’s online reputation matters more than ever!

When you are visible in many different directories, it is easy to lose track of your reviews, which is why rankingCoach 360 offers you to manage your online reputation all from one place!

If you go to the report section of your account and click on “Web reputation”, you will get to view all the reviews that customers posted about your company. Whether there are published on Facebook, Google or any other online directories, you won’t miss any of them!

If you want to read more about local online directories, then please click here! Also, note that the number of business directories you can publish/sync your business is different in every country.

2. rankingCoach and Social media

An important element of your digital marketing strategy and visibility is your social media presence, and rankingCoach makes it possible to connect your social media accounts and get the most important social media insights. In rankingCoach, you can connect at this moment only on Facebook, but we are also working on other social media accounts to come in the future.

To connect your social media accounts, click here if you’re already logged in to your rankingCoach, or go to your “General” tab in the left menu and then click on “Social Connect”. Click on “Connect Account” to find the right Twitter or Facebook account to connect with.

You can reply to all of your reviews from within your rankingCoach account. Simply click on the “Reply” button and leave a comment. We advise you to answer all reviews, good or bad, to show your potential customers that you care and that your customers’ opinions matter to you.

If you click on the “View review” button, you also have access to the original publication of the review.

Do you have more questions regarding your online reputation or rankingCoach 360? Feel free to contact our support, our team will gladly help you!

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