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1. What is rankingCoach 360?

rankingCoach 360 is the complete digital marketing solution for SMBs. It is accessible to everyone and was designed for people who don’t have any previous digital marketing experience or knowledge. The strength of the application is that it covers all the main aspects of online marketing :

  • SEO and Google Search rankings;

  • Google Ads;

  • Google My Business;

  • Local directory presence;

  • Social media presence;

  • Review and online reputation management;

Thanks to rankingCoach 360, working on your business's online presence has never been easier and you have all the insights you need to boost your visibility and make your business successful online on one single platform.

2. What are the features of rankingCoach 360?

Discover the powerful features of the rankingCoach 360 app:

  1. Business directories synchronization: register and update your business profile on all of the major local directories, including Google My Business. This will help boost your visibility in local Google and Google Maps searches as well as build trust with your new potential customers. As soon as you need to update your phone number, change your address or upload new pictures, all you need to do is log into your rankingCoach account and click on one button for all of your profiles to be updated. This feature is a huge gain of time. Read this article to learn more about it.

  2. Google Ads: create a Google Ads campaign in just a few minutes thanks to our partially automated Google Ads tool. It gives you all the automation you need to make the setting up of your campaign as easy as possible while making sure you keep control of the most important aspects of your campaign: the keywords, the content, the display area and, of course, the budget. Once your campaign is live, enjoy comprehensive reports on your ads’ performance. Read this article for more information on Google Ads with rankingCoach.

  3. Comprehensive SEO tasks: learn how to optimize your website thanks to customized SEO tasks with step-by-step video tutorials and instructions. Find out more about how to do SEO with rankingCoach in this article.

  4. Reputation management: Manage and answer your customers’ reviews from within your rankingCoach app to make sure your potential customers always have the best first impression of your services and products when they look them up. Learn how to manage your online reputation with rankingCoach here.

  5. Online presence and competitor monitoring: Stay on top of what is happening online thanks to an in-app feed and email notifications. This feature gives you all the information you need to have a clear overview of your online presence, be aware of what your competition is doing and know when you need to act quickly to protect your brand image and reputation. Click here to read more about it.

  6. Detailed reports: enjoy daily reports and data on the evolution of your Google rankings for up to 50 keywords, the traffic on your website and your presence on social media. These reports are the perfect way to monitor your progress and identify whenever you need to adapt or change your strategy. Find out more about your rankingCoach reports in this article.

3. What is the difference between rankingCoach 360 and rankingCoach FREE?

The main difference between rankingCoach FREE and rankingCoach 360 is that they were not designed to serve the same purpose: rankingCoach FREE is a monitoring app while rankingCoach 360 is a comprehensive digital marketing app that enables you to actively work on your online presence.

If all you need is extra information on how your business is performing, what is going on online and how you compare to the competition, then rankingCoach FREE is the perfect solution for you (click here for more info on rankingCoach FREE).

However, if a monitoring tool is not enough and you want guidance on how to improve your rankings, visibility and reputation, you need the help of rankingCoach 360!

4. How much does a rankingCoach 360 subscription cost?

The cost of your rankingCoach 360 subscriptions will vary based on the country you are located in. Visit our pricing page here and make sure you have selected the right country to find out more.

Please note that we offer two types of rankingCoach 360 subscriptions :

  • a monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time;

  • a yearly subscription (upfront payment at the activation of the account).

Use the slider to choose the subscription that best fits your business.

5. How to get rankingCoach 360?

There are two ways to get rankingCoach 360 :

  • Directly on our website through the pricing page that you can directly access here (if you already have a rankingCoach FREE account, make sure you are logged in first).

  • Directly through your rankingCoach FREE account. You will find several triggers throughout the app with information about the rankingCoach 360 subscriptions and a button to upgrade (if you are logged in to your account, you can also click here to directly get to the upgrade page).

For any further questions, please contact our support team, we are happy to help you.

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