rankingCoach 360 is the all round digital marketing application that covers all important online marketing aspects to make your website successful online! With rankingCoach 360, you have the option to select 50 keywords, analyze your competitors and get detailed video tutorials. Moreover, rankingCoach 360 allows you to synchronise all relevant business directories with just one click of the button, respond to reviews from different platforms, manage your reputation and activate a Google Ads campaign. All from one single platform!  

The best part is that you will have a free trial of 7 days to test rankingCoach 360 for free! 

Synchronize business directories

Remember the classic yellow pages where all the addresses of businesses were in? Today, they are replaced by online local directories. rankingCoach 360 helps you appear in all local directories relevant to your industry.  rankingCoach 360 allows you to simultaneously synchronise all your directories so that you don’t have to do it individually with each directory!  Being present in an online directory increases your online visibility as your business can also be looked for outside of Google as well!

Respond to Reviews /web reputation

Getting reviews on the local directories is extremely important for your online reputation, as good reviews function as recommendations for potential customers. When your business is visible in several directories, it is quite easy to lose track on where you got reviews, and having to separately reply to them in each directory is not the most efficient way. rankingCoach allows you to view your reviews from all directories and reply to them all from one place! Responding to your reviews has never been easier! 

Google Ads campaign

Thanks to our partnership with Google, you have the possibility to create Google Ads campaigns directly from your rankingCoach account. We have simplified and automatised most of the process so that creating a successful campaign won’t take you more than a few minutes! You get to select the ads that you like within a list of suggestions and to edit them. You also have the possibility to define a daily budget for your campaign and set up your campaign according to your target region in order to have ads that really match your needs. 

Optimise your website for SEO 

rankingCoach 360 also helps you improve your organic rankings by guiding you step by step through the optimization of your website. All you have to do is follow the instructions and tutorial videos in each task. Do you want to learn more about how to do SEO with rankingCoach? Check this article

Test it for free 

If you want to simplify your online marketing and increase the visibility of your website, do not hesitate to use rankingCoach 360. We offer a monthly or a 12 month (annual) subscription. For both subscriptions, you will have the option to test rankingCoach 360 for free for 7 days. Keep in mind that if you activate your Ads or synchronize the online directories during the free trial, your free trial will end immediately due to the extra costs for your Ads and directory partnership. When activating your ads or synchronising your online directories, you will get a pop-up message warning you that your free trial will end. 

In case you want to stay in your free trial, you can click on “Cancel”. If you want to proceed with activating your campaigns or synchronizing your online directories, you can click on “ Ok, Continue”.

Now that you have a introduction to what our rankingCoach 360 subscription offers you, feel free to test it out for 7 days and let us help you become even more successful online! From our easy to understand tasks, online directory synchronization and simplified Google Ads process, we are there for each step needed for your online presence.

If you have further questions, please contact our support, we will be happy to help you! 

Any further questions? We have additional articles on more topics here: https://intercom.help/rankingcoach/en/

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