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What is rankingCoach Agency 360?
What is rankingCoach Agency 360?

Discover what rankingCoach Agency 360 is and how it helps digital marketing professionals boost their customers’ online visibility

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1. What is rankingCoach Agency 360?

rankingCoach Agency 360 is the complete digital marketing solution for digital marketing professionals. It gathers all the features your agency needs in one single place and helps you boost your customers’ online presence.

Thanks to rankingCoach Agency 360, you can work on :

  • Your customers’ SEO and Google Search rankings;

  • Their Google Ads campaign;

  • Their Google Business Profile;

  • Their local directory presence;

  • Their social media presence;

  • Their online reviews and the management of their online reputation.

2. Who is rankingCoach Agency 360 for?

rankingCoach Agency 360 is the perfect solution for any professional who wants to offer digital marketing services to their customers: Marketing agencies, digital marketing agencies, and website developers. You not sure whether our solution meets the needs of your business? Check out our Agency page and get in touch with us today.

3. What are the features of rankingCoach Agency 360?

rankingCoach Agency 360 combines the powerful features of the standard rankingCoach 360 solution with features specially designed to simplify the life of marketing professionals. The app enables you to:

  • Work on several websites at the same time (check out the section below to know how many).

  • Register your customers’ business in all the main business directories, including Google Business Profile, and easily keep their profiles up to date. Find more here.

  • Create Google Ads campaigns in a few clicks and have access to detailed Google Ads reports. Find more here.

  • Optimize your customer’s website with the help of customized tasks and step-by-step video tutorials. Find more here.

  • Monitor your customers' online presence, as well as their competitors, thanks to an in-app feed and email notifications. Find more here.

  • Manage and answer your customers’ online reviews. Find more here.

  • Send automatic emails with detailed white labelled reports about their progress to your customers.

  • Create sub-accounts to give your colleagues and your customers easy access to the platform.

4. What services can I add to my portfolio thanks to rankingCoach Agency 360?

Our rankingCoach Agency 360 solution is a versatile product that enables you to offer a wide range of services to your customers. You can activate all of rankingCoach’s features for all of your customers, but you can also decide to activate only some of them.

rankingCoach’s sub-account feature also makes it possible for you to offer different types of packages and services to your customers based on their needs and the availability of your team :

  • You can offer a full Agency service package where you and your team are taking care of everything for your customers: optimizing their website, keeping their directory profiles up to date, setting up a Google Ads campaign, and answering their reviews … You can inform your customers of the progress of their online presence by sending them weekly or monthly email reports and/or by giving them visitor access to rankingCoach that enables them to log into the app to see their reports online.

  • You can offer a limited service package where you just give your customers full managing access to their rankingCoach project and let them optimize their website and take care of their online presence on their own. You can of course select which features you want them to have access to.

  • Last but not least, you can offer a hybrid package where you give your customers managing access to their rankingCoach project and let them work on their digital marketing strategy on their own but under your supervision. For example, you can help your customers set up their projects and offer regular monitoring or support sessions to guide them.

5. How does the white labelling feature of rankingCoach work?

rankingCoach enables you to send white-labeled email reports to your customers. This means that you can customize them and add your own logo so that your customers won’t know that those reports were provided to you by rankingCoach.

Please note that the white labelling only applies to the email reports and not the whole application.

Complete white labelling of the platform can however be considered for bigger Agency subscriptions (Gold and Platinum, check the section below for more information on the various Agency versions we offer). Check out our Agency page and get in touch with us today if you want to know more about the white labelling options.

6. How many websites can I manage with rankingCoach Agency 360?

rankingCoach Agency 360 is available in different versions:

  • Bronze: 5 projects

  • Silver: 15 projects

  • Gold: 30 projects

  • Platinum: 50 projects

The number of projects mentioned above is the number of projects included in each version. However, you can always add more projects to your basic subscription for an extra fee.

7. How much does the rankingCoach Agency 360 subscription cost?

The price of your rankingCoach Agency 360 subscription will vary depending on the country you are located in and the number of projects you want to work on.

For more information on prices, check out our Agency page here and get in touch with our team. You can already book a personal webinar with a member of our team by clicking on the link below.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team, we are more than happy to help. Any further questions? We have additional articles on more topics here:

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