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How does rankingCoach’s local directories sync work?
How does rankingCoach’s local directories sync work?

How does the synchronization of local directories work with rankingCoach and how to sync Facebook and Google Business Profile?.

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1. Steps to sync your business’ profile in local directories

The local SEO feature in your rankingCoach account allows you to automatically register your business in all of the major directories. If you already have a profile in some, you should enter the exact same business name and address you have in those listings in rankingCoach, then we will automatically find your existing listings.

In order to start the sync, you just need to click on “local marketing” on the left menu of your account’s dashboard or click here.

  1. Add a short and long description or the “Brief description” and “Detailed Description” during the finalization and publication of your business profile on your rankingCoach account. If you have any problems saving the descriptions, check out this article to figure out why and how to solve them.

  2. Add your opening hours.

  3. Add your logo, other photos that describe your company and, if you have it, a video from YouTube.

  4. In the summary of your business, you’ll be allowed to review all your business information.

  5. Finally, click on “Publish your business” to publish your business data in the directories. Or if you need to “Republish” or “Publish changes” then you need to click on these options depending on your situation!

To publish and synchronize your data on Facebook and Google Business Profile, you will need to connect them to your rankingCoach account first. Then you will be able to choose if you want your data synchronized in the business directories, Facebook or Google Business Profile - or in all of them.

2. Facebook

To learn more about connecting your Facebook page to rankingCoach, read this article.

You have the option to disable the sync for pictures and visuals on Facebook in order to keep managing them independently of rankingCoach. To deactivate the picture sync, make sure the “Logo & Main photo” as well as the “Media Gallery” options are turned off. If you however want to fully disconnect your Facebook account from rankingCoach, then simply click on “Disconnect” on the option below your Facebook icon!

3. Google Business Profile

If you don’t have a Google Business Profile for your company yet, rankingCoach can create one for you. To create or connect your Google Business Profile, click on “Reports” in the left menu of your rankingCoach dashboard, then click on “Google Business Profile”.

If you need more information on how to sync your Google Business Profile account to rankingCoach, please follow the steps in this link.

If you get an error message while synchronizing your Google Business Profile, please make sure that everything stated here is correct. Otherwise, please contact our support team.

4. Duplicate content

Duplicate content is bad for SEO when it is on your website, but not on the directories. Having the exact same data in all directories, especially when it comes to your name, phone number and address, helps to improve the authority of your domain in Google and in your potential customer’s eyes.

5. Reputation management

Thanks to rankingCoach you can manage your online reviews and answer them through your rankingCoach account. Click here if you want to know more about it!

For any further questions, please contact our support team, we are happy to help you.

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