Do you want to give a major boost to your rankings in search engines and achieve success online? Then rankingCoach 360 is the perfect application for you! 

As you might know, SEO is extremely important for the success of any online business, especially in today’s competitive market. Being found is one of the first steps for SEO, but also search engines are perceived as very trustworthy sources for people, therefore, ranking high makes your website more trustworthy as well! Having a good SEO strategy increases the traffic to your website and it can put you ahead of your competition. But where do you start? rankingCoach 360 will guide step by step through the whole process and will do the thinking for you!  Pre-knowledge and experience are not necessary, so working on SEO has never been any easier! 

The main features to help you work on your SEO are detailed video tutorials, keyword monitoring and competitors Analysis. 

rankingCoach analyses your website and detects the current SEO status of your website. Based on this current SEO status, rankingCoach will provide personalized tasks that contain tutorial videos that are customized to your own CMS. These tasks are categorized into three sections: search engine tasks, social media tasks and local seo tasks. 

Besides customized tutorial videos, rankingCoach helps you with monitoring your keywords. You can select up to 50 keywords in rankingCoach Pro.

First of all, rankingCoach shows for each keyword the competition level which is recognised by its colour. Red means the keyword has a high competition level. Orange means the competition level is neutral and green means the competition level is low. The average monthly search volume of each keyword is also provided. The monthly search volume is the average amount of search engine users that used this keyword in Google over the last month. Also - we will show what the average CPC for this Ad word as well.

The goal is to get high rankings for all of your keywords, but how can you monitor all your rankings for each keyword and how can you analyze your own progress? 

rankingCoach provides you with daily reports of each keyword when you go to the report section in the left menu. For each keyword, you can view your exact ranking in Google, the search volume of several months, and even a screenshot of your snippet in the Google search result page. This is where you can monitor the current performance of your keywords. You can either monitor the rankings in your whole country if you are operating nationally, or you can insert up to 3 different locations/cities if you are operating locally. 

SEO is a very dynamic process as search engine users can change their search habits, which will affect the search volumes of keywords. The competition level of  keywords can also change over time. Moreover, Google does frequent algorithm updates, and all these factors can impact your rankings. Therefore, it is always important to monitor the keyword rankings to potentially adjust your SEO strategy. 

Apart from looking at your own data, it is very helpful to look at the data of your competitors as well, so that you are always one step ahead! 

In rankingCoach, you can select up to 5 competitors that you want to keep an eye on.

For each competitor, you are able to monitor the rankings for each keyword that you selected. You are also able to compare your SEO performance with your competitors in a simplified graph. 

Another way to keep an eye on your competitor is look at their social media strategies. Whether it is through Facebook or Twitter, keep up to date with your competition! 

It is very important to have a look at the social media activities of similar business so that we can learn from them. It is of course very hard to monitor every platform of all you competitors, therefore, rankingCoach shows you in your general overview all the updates and notifications of your competitor’s social media activities, all from one place! You can simply scroll through all notifications. 

Now that you have a clearer overview of how rankingCoach can help you improve your organic rankings, it is time to get to work!  

Don’t forget that SEO requires patience and is only one aspect of your online visibility. If you want more information about all the other features of your rankingCoach 360 subscription, check out this article

For any questions, please contact our support team, we are more than happy to help you. 

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