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Google Ads with rankingCoach

Check out how to create Google Ads in the rankingCoach app. See the preview of the Ad, and find out how to manage it in a few steps.

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1. What are Google Ads with rankingCoach?

Google Ads is Google’s very own advertising service where businesses can display Ads based on the keywords entered by users. These Ads will show up on Google’s SERP results, which allow websites to “jump the queue” to the top of the results pages when a user enters the Ad keyword in their search.

With rankingCoach you can run the Ads directly from your rankingCoach dashboard in a very simple way. By running your Google Ads campaign through our application, we will take care of all daily work to make sure your Ads give you the desired results. Additionally, you will be able to create and edit Ads, manage your daily budget, and location, and use Ads extension features to create a more targeted campaign.

2. How to create Google Ads campaigns?

Ads suggestions are based on the initial list of the keywords you add and your industry. You can select up to 50 Ads to run at a time, but we advise you to select at least one Ad per product or service area. However, to make the best start and to be sure your selected Ads will generate traffic, make sure you have at least 3 Ads active at any time.

All of the suggested Ads meet Google’s Ad policies, so you can rest assured that the Ads will be active and running. To start the Ads campaign, simply click on the create campaign button.

3. Choose the Ads you want to run

rankingCoach will provide you with up to 50 Ad selections to choose from. Our Responsive Search Ads are able to generate Ads that adapt to show more relevant messages to your potential customers, which will result in more visibility and visits to your website. Click on the checkbox next to the Ads that have been created for your business. We recommend choosing a minimum of 3 Ads to start your first campaign.

4. How to Edit your Ad Headlines

Headlines are the most prominent part of your Ad. The headlines are where your keywords grab attention for a potential customer to click on. At any time you can change or update our suggested headlines. Just type in the specific box, and adjust the headlines if needed. You will see how the headlines will appear on Google search results in the preview. You can add a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 15 headlines.

To add a new headline just click on the Add headline button, and to remove it click on the bin next to the headline

5. How to edit the description of the Ads

Ads Descriptions give additional information about what your Ad is promoting. Based on your Ads selection we will generate 3 descriptions, which can be changed if needed.

You can add a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 descriptions.

6. Set your daily budget

After making changes to your Ads headline and description, the next step is to set a daily budget, or how much you would like to spend each day on your Google Ads. By selecting how much you want to spend per day, we can estimate how many clicks and impressions your campaign will generate.

After choosing the daily Ads budget you will have the option to set the recharge amount. Select which recharge fits your budget. Once your monthly budget goes below the value of the 3 times your daily budget, the system will automatically charge your payment method for the selected recharge amount. The recharge amount is calculated based on what you have selected as your recharge amount.

7. Review your Ads

Once you have completed your campaign set up you will have a final section to review your campaign before it goes live. You can check once again your selected Ads, headlines, descriptions, daily/recharge budget, and selected keywords. Make sure you also adjust your target region if needed. Most local businesses’ customers come from a short radius and you should take this into account to create efficient Ads. As you do not want Ads to be shown outside your business’ coverage area.

Next, all you have to do is click on the verify button and get started with your Ad campaign, using SMS verification.

Once you have started rankingCoach Ads, you are able to view the reports of your campaigns in your account. All the information on your Ads result will be in the Reports section of your account. You will find an overview with the amount of clicks, costs per click, total click costs and views. Moreover, you are able to see these indicators separately for every keyword which gives you the ability to monitor the keywords for your campaigns and if needed, you can adjust them.

After setting up your campaign you will also be able to add Ads extensions, brand keywords, negative keywords and other features of the Ads which can help you get more clicks and views.

Feel free to get in touch with our support team if you have further questions about Google Ads with rankingCoach. We would be happy to help!

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