Well done, you managed to finish your tasks! But what do you do now? You might be done with your tasks, but you are never done with SEO. SEO is an ongoing process, as your market, companies and your competitors set the rules which constantly evolve. Moreover, search engines change in time as well. These days, search engines can analyse indexing, crawl websites and retrieve information. Still, search engines algorithms are constantly changed to better optimise new search dynamics. Don’t forget that “language” on itself is also very dynamic. A keyword that has a high search volume this month won’t necessarily have a high search volume in 5 months, as people might use other words to find the same product or service. 

rankingCoach gives you the opportunity to keep monitoring your progress, your competitors’ progress, the traffic on your website and the rankings for all your keywords. These reports are updated on a daily basis and it is therefore very important to keep an eye on your own optimization, but also your competitor’s optimization so that you are always one step ahead of your competitors.


It is very possible that you will find a keyword whose ranking dropped due to a decreased search volume over time or because a competitor is also optimizing their website for the same keyword. When you find in the reports that one of your keywords is not working for you anymore, you can always replace it or update the content on the page which it is placed. If you replace the keyword, rankingCoach will then automatically create new tasks for this keyword.

It is also very well possible that a keyword has increased in its search volume over time or that you are performing better than your competitors for this keyword. In that case you can also adjust the priority of a keyword and drag the keywords to the top three so that you get tasks to integrate this keyword in your homepage. 

Don’t forget that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. When you finished your tasks to optimize your website, it takes 3 to 6 months to start seeing results depending on keyword competitiveness and search volume. Do not be discouraged, and keep updated on your reports with rankingCoach!

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