What are backlinks and how to complete them

Have you ever read an article or blog entry that contained a link to a different website, where you could find more information on that specific topic? That is called a Backlink. A backlink can be summed up as a link from one website to another. Backlinks can make a huge impact on a website’s prominence in search engine results. 

Backlinks are a gold mine for your visibility and this for two reasons: firstly, is that they funnel visitors to your website. Not just normal visitors though, but visitors that are already reading about a topic related to your business and that are therefore inherently interested in what you offer. So potentially high profile visitors that you don’t need to work much to attract… Cool, isn’t it?

The second reason is a bit more technical, but no less important for you: the more backlinks you get, the higher ranks you get in SERPs. Search engines figured that if your website is good enough for other website to link to it, then you must have some good content. After all, who would risk their reputation including in their website some links to poorly managed websites? Google therefore does not look at the quantity of backlinks, but at the quality of the backlinks. Qualitative backlinks are links from websites that are well known and have a good amount of traffic. 

How do I get backlinks? 

At rankingCoach, we analyse your competitors’ backlinks and we suggest the websites they included, so that you can request those same pages to link to your business as well. If you do not like these suggestions, feel free to find a website yourself that is of your interest.


Different websites may have different policies regarding backlinks: some of them might simply ask you to provide some more info about your business, some others might want you to reciprocate including a link in your own website. Just talk to them and see what is most convenient for you. To get in touch with the administrators, go to the website and look for an e-mail address or another mean of getting in touch with them; most websites nowadays feature a contact form that may look a bit like this: 


It is also worthy to consider running events as a key method of interacting with your audience base, local community or business partners to give the impression that you have expertise and that you are committed to your business. Moreover, you can drive links to your events. Also keep an eye on external events to get involved in more connections. 

Guest blogging is another strategy to get backlinks. By offering to write a guest article for a fellow networker’s website, you provide them with free content from a trusted source and your website acquires relevant valuable backlinks. You can also comment on other blogs. This might not lead directly to links, but it is a great way to get on a blogger’s radar. 

You should also consider to submit your sebwite to local directories that are relevant for your industry, to receive great solid links. 

Bad backlinks

Backlinks should not just be requested anywhere. There are some websites, called linkfarms, that just contain a list of links and that give no real benefits in terms of incoming customers. If you find such websites among our recommendations, just contact support and we’ll remove them from our lists immediately. 

If you keep getting bad recommendations, check out which of your competitors is listed in the bad websites; if you notice that it’s always the same one, go to your General settings and change the competitor to another.  

Backlinks are an important aspect of search engine optimization, but they are difficult to complete. Always try to target your own through like minded Blogs, Travel Websites, online news forums or other credible websites that you can link to. This can be an arduous task and will take time, but quality backlinks will always help rank you higher than from a “linkfarm” type of website! Good luck!

If you have any further questions, please contact our support and we will be happy to help you. 

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