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1. How to cancel my rankingCoach subscription?

We are very sorry to hear that you no longer want to be part of our rankingCoach-family, but we do understand it. Cancelling your subscription is an easy process and it just takes a few moments.

Whether you have a regular annual or monthly subscription, or you are on the Agency subscription, you can cancel it at the end of your contract date, or at the end of the 7 days trial period via your rankingCoach account.

To cancel your subscription, click on the profile icon in the top right corner of your rankingCoach dashboard, go to the “Subscription” section of your account and click on “Manage Contract”.

Before you fully cancel your subscription, we will ask for feedback and eventual reasons for cancellation. Click on one of the options that describes your decision best, and let us please know why you would like to cancel your account?

You will see that we offer various solutions to the problems you might have encountered. Feel free to explore them to see whether they might fit your needs.

If none of our solutions works for you, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the link to continue through the steps. Once you cancel your subscription, you should receive a confirmation by email. If you do not get the confirmation email the next day, contact our support team please.

2. What to have in mind when cancelling your subscription.

Once you cancel your subscription please have in mind that at the end of the actual subscription date you will no longer be able to optimize your subscription, rankings, local directories or run a Google Ads campaign with rankingCoach. In this case you will no longer be able to work on your keywords, optimize your Google Business Profile account or synchronize other directories or social media accounts. If you, however, would like to reactivate your rankingCoach account and use it again on a regular basis, then you can reactivate it yourself! All you need to do is log in into your account and, under the “Subscription” tab, just re-activate your subscription with a simple click. You can also feel free to contact us by writing to us on our chat or just send us an email support@rankingcoach.com telling us you would like to reactivate your rankingCoach subscription and we will do the rest for you!

3. Annual and monthly subscription cancellation

Additionally, if you are on a long term, 12-month annual contract, please make sure to request the cancellation at least 7 days prior to the end of your contract, if you do not want it to be renewed automatically. Please check our Cancellation and Refund Policy where it is clearly stated that you must cancel your subscription at least 7 days before the end of your contract period, otherwise it will automatically renew. Each cancellation will always cancel at the end of your paid subscription term.

Want to know more about our cancellation and refund policy? Check out the rankingCoach website for more details.

Also, you can reach us by email at support@rankingcoach.com, or use the chatbox in your app, and we'll answer any questions about your account.

Need more help? We have additional articles on more topics here: https://help.rankingcoach.com/en/

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