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How to utilize your rankingCoach Reports?
How to utilize your rankingCoach Reports?

With the help of the rankingCoach reports section, you can improve your SERP rankings and keep an eye on your website's performance.

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1. How does the rankingCoach report tab work?

With our single platform, you can monitor all the data you need so you never lose sight of your SEO results and rankings. All of your reports are available in the “Reports” tab on the left menu of your rankingCoach account. Reports are split into categories:

  • SEO reports

  • Social media

  • Google My Business reports

  • Local marketing

  • Google Analytics

  • Web reputation

Views of your reports can be customized to show you results during a certain time period and search area, either local or nationwide.

2. SEO reports

The Search Engines reports tab provides you with reports about the most important part of your website, keyword rankings. A drop-down menu on the upper right side of each report gives you the possibility to choose if you want national or local statistics.

The first table of your SEO reports gives you an overview of your keywords rankings across the set time period; today, last week and a month ago. This allows you a quick overview of your progress, as well it gives you a view of search volume for the specific keyword and how it is changed over time.

By clicking on the keywords, you will get access to a screenshot with an overview of your website’s snippet in Google’s result pages, as well as to data related to the keyword’s potential such as search volume, and results on Google, and Google Ads cost per click.

The second table gives you an overview of your daily rankings over the last 30 days. You will notice that you can fluctuate in positions, but it is normal behaviour as rankings do go up and down. If you do drop a significant number of positions and stay there for a few weeks, check the keywords in your website and start working on the page and keyword content in order to improve the results.

The third chart enables you to compare your rankings with your competitor’s rankings.

Keep in mind to choose realistic competitors to have relevant data that you can actually use. If you’re the owner of a small neighbourhood coffee shop, there is no point in comparing your performance with worldwide known coffee chains such as Starbucks.

Focus on your local competitors. If you need to change your competitors' list you can do so on the “General” tab in the left menu and then on “Competitors”.

3. Social Media reports

By connecting your Facebook and Twitter profiles to your rankingCoach account your reports will present you with an overview of your social media activity including the number of posts and their reach.

If you would like to improve your Facebook strategy to gain more visibility online, you can check this article for more information.

4. Local marketing reports

The Local Marketing tab gives you an overview of all the major business directories in which your business is published. The colour of the tick helps you understand what is the current status of your business on the directory.

A green tick means that rankingCoach found your company’s profile in the directory. If you get an orange cross, it indicates that rankingCoach found a profile but that it is incomplete and, if you get a red cross, it indicates that we couldn’t find your business.

If adding your business to local directories one by one and manually is not something you have time for, then you might want to consider rankingCoach 360 subscription.

360 plan includes the automatic sync and publishing of your business in available online directories in one click.

5. Google My Business reports

By creating a Google My Business, you have the option to manage your Business Profile directly from your rankingCoach dashboard. Also, you will receive reports on the information you need, such as the number of people who found your business, and how they found it if they visited your website, called you or checked the photos.

Our reports will provide you with information about whether your business was discovered or customers searched for it directly by typing your name and website.

Google My Business is an essential part of business optimisation and can be created in a few steps in the rankingCoach app.

6. Web Analytics reports

Google Web Analytics sometimes can be overwhelming with the amount of data displayed at a given moment. Connect your Google Analytics with rankingCoach you still get insights about your account and the traffic on your website but in a more simplified view. Reports contain an overview of the number of visitors on your website over the last days, weeks or months, depending on the view you choose.

With this data, you get to know how users found your website, if they visited several pages and whether their visit ended up in a conversion.

7. Web reputation reports

The Web reputation section gathers all the reviews about your business in the online directories you’re registered with and is connected with rankingCoach, such as Facebook and Google My Business. You can easily monitor and answer them directly from the rankingCoach account.

Online reputation is becoming a crucial part of your SEO strategy and helps increase your rankings. Make sure to check your reviews regularly and reply to them. Managing online reputation takes a bit of time and we have this article where we talk more about how to do it with rankingCoach.

With up-to-date information and quality reports you can make necessary changes to your account, website, and social media strategy and in the end, make your way to the top of Google searches.

You can check your reports every time you log in to your dashboard and we will also send you reports by email every week. This way you will always be aware of your business's online performance.

Do you have more questions regarding the report section of your account? Please get in touch with our support. We are happy to help!

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