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How to choose your competitors

Find out how to choose the right competitors and why it is important to know about your competitors business.

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1. What are competitors and how to choose them?

Competitors are similar businesses that offer products or services similar to your company. These can be local companies, or others that are nationwide. It is important to identify and select those that best represent your competition for customers. When optimizing your website, you need to know how your competitors are doing, and learn about their business. We suggest potential competitors based on your location, business sector and website. However, if you know your direct competitors then it is best that you enter their website URL manually.

Focus on your direct and local competitors, and try to avoid adding big companies to your list. If you select major corporations, this can give you an unrealistic overview of your business and who your real local competitors are. rankingCoach allows you to select up to 5 competitors you can monitor. With up to date list of your competitors, rankingCoach will provide you with:

  • List of your competitor's backlinks

  • Ranking reports for the same keywords you have

  • Social media posts and online activity

  • Notification whenever your competitor gets mentioned or gets a review

  • Notification when their Google positions increase or decrease

  • Monitor for which of your keywords, your competitors have active ads

  • You will be able to see competitors ads

2. How to add competitors to rankingCoach?

You can add your competitors during the onboarding process. We’ll show you a list of the potential competitors in the area, and you just need to click on the one you want to monitor. If you can’t find a competitor among the ones we suggest, go ahead and add their website’s URL.

If at any point you would like to add new competitors or remove existing ones, you can do so in your account. Go to the “General tab”, “Competitors” and “Click to deselect”.

rankingCoach app will provide you with regular updates about your competitor's business in our notification feed, as well as in the SEO reports.

Knowing your competitors and telling us who they are, we’ll tell you how to get ahead of them. Contact our support team to get an answer to all of your questions about choosing the right competitors.

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