Tell us who your competitors are and we’ll tell you how to get ahead of them. When optimizing your website, you need to know how your competitors are doing and learn from them. Select up to 5 competitors and you’ll get a list of where they have backlinks, so that you can request them as well. 

You can also keep an eye on how they’re ranking for your same keywords by using the “Report” section.

On top of following their Google rankings for all keywords you selected, you can follow all their online activities in your Vision feed, including their social media posts on Facebook and Twitter, and you get updated whenever your competitor gets mentioned or gets a review, or whenever their Google positions increase or decrease. You can also monitor for which of your keywords your competitors have active ads.

Pro tip: if you can’t find a competitor among the ones we suggest, don’t be shy! Just go ahead and add their website’s URL!

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