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How to validate search engine tasks in rankingCoach?
How to validate search engine tasks in rankingCoach?

Learn how to validate your “Search Engines” tasks and how AI can help you with this.

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1. What are Search Engines tasks?

rankingCoach guides you step by step through the optimization of your online presence thanks to customized tasks and detailed video tutorials. For your business's online presence to be perfectly optimized, you will have to work on

  • Your website;

  • Your social media presence;

  • Your local directory presence.

The “Search Engines” tab gathers all the tasks related to the optimization of your web pages and covers both the content and the technical aspects of your website.

They are referred to as “Search Engine tasks” because the improvements they will bring to your website will have a direct impact on your website’s ranking in the search engines’ results.

2. How do I complete the Search Engine task with AI?

Completing your Search Engine tasks involves a step-by-step process that requires access to your website, typically through a Content Management System (CMS). Commonly known CMS platforms include WordPress, Wix, and GoDaddy.

It's crucial to understand that while rankingCoach AI facilitates the completion of tasks, it doesn't directly implement changes on your website. The responsibility for making these changes lies with you, and for this reason, it is important to have access to your CMS in which you can make the necessary changes.

The rankingCoach AI task will assist you by generating accurate text tailored to your website. This text is based on your specified keywords and their priority in your keyword list.

To successfully complete the task, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the task - Search Engines in the rankingCoach app and choose the specific task you wish to address.

  • Access your CMS, locate the relevant page where you intend to add a new meta title, or description, or make modifications to the body of the homepage or the headlines of the page.

  • Copy and paste the text recommended by the app and AI into the designated sections.

  • Publish the changes to your website in your CMS and then after the changes are live, mark the task as complete within the rankingCoach app by clicking on the Finish button.

3. How do I know if a task has been validated?

As soon as you are done with a task, you can check whether you have done it correctly by clicking on the “Finish” button. The app will scan your website to see if the changes have been implemented properly and, if they have, you will receive a green validation message.

If the task has not been completed as expected, you will get an error message so you know that something went wrong and you should start over.

4. Why are some tasks not validating even though I carefully followed the step-by-step instructions?

If you have carefully followed all the step-by-step instructions and you are still getting an error message, the problem most likely comes from somewhere else. To validate a task, rankingCoach will scan the page mentioned in the task and search for the specific keyword(s) mentioned in the task. Therefore, if a task is not validating, it might be that :

  • You entered the wrong URL when you set up your account.

  • You entered the wrong URL when you selected your subpage.

  • You optimized the wrong subpage.

  • You entered the wrong keyword in rankingCoach (and left a spelling mistake for example).

  • The keyword you optimized your page with is not written exactly as it appears in rankingCoach.

5. How to fix my task validation issues?

Here are the steps to follow to make sure your tasks will be validated once they are done properly:

  1. Check the URL you have entered here (Menu on the left > General > Business) in the “What is the address of your website ?” section. If the website you entered is an older website redirecting to the one you are currently optimizing, contact our support team to have it changed.
    ​Please note that we can only change the URL of your project if you have a rankingCoach 360 subscription and if your new website is the same as your old one or if your old website is redirecting the traffic to your new website.
    In all the other cases, you will have to create a new rankingCoach project if you want to optimize a new URL.

  2. Check the URL of the subpage mentioned in the task to make sure it was entered correctly and is an actual existing page of your website. You will find an overview of all the keyword/subpage associations you have made here (Menu on the left > Search Engines > Subpages) and you can edit them at any time. Read this article if you need help defining a subpage for your keywords.

  3. If there is no problem with the URL mentioned in the task, make sure that you have selected the right page in your CMS. The task in rankingCoach tells you specifically for which page each task is meant.

  4. Check the keyword you have used to optimize your page to make sure it is written exactly as in rankingCoach. Adding or removing additional characters or punctuation marks will result in rankingCoach not being able to mark the task as correctly completed. If you notice that the problem comes from the keyword displayed in rankingCoach, because it features a spelling mistake for example, please note that you can edit your keyword list at any time here (Menu on the left > Search Engines > Keywords).

Once you have completed all of the steps above, you should no longer have problems validating your tasks.

If you are still facing validation issues after that or if you have any further questions, please contact our support team, we are happy to help you.

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