What is SEO?

Learn what is SEO, how does it work and what differentiates it from SEA

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1. What is SEO and how does it work?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the number and quality of visitors to a website by improving its rankings in the organic (free) search engine results.

In order for your website to appear high in search engines like Google, you need to choose the right keywords for your website and create content in key areas so search engines can crawl your website to better understand what the site is about and hopefully list it for your chosen search terms when a user is looking for a service or product you offer online. If you’d like to know more in-depth about SEO and keywords specifically, click here.

The goal of search engines (like Google) is to provide the best results for their users and this makes SEO integration vital to websites online success. That is why it is also good to bear in mind that while keywords are a fundamental part of SEO, there are other SEO factors that will help rank your website higher in search engines. Please click here to know more about the difference between SEO on and off-page and all the factors you need to take into account for better search results!

2. How can rankingCoach help me with my SEO?

  • Analyzes your website

  • Provides step-by-step tutorials for better optimization tailored to your CMS

  • Provides insights about potential keywords

  • Offers daily reports to make adjustments and keep improving

  • Monitor your competitors to be always one step ahead of them

If you want to know more deeply about how to do SEO with rankingCoach, click here.

3. What is the difference between SEO and SEA?

While SEO helps you increase your rankings in organic results, SEA enables you to get your website to the top of paid results thanks to targeted advertisements. You can easily spot paid results thanks to the “Ad” tag below the title.

SEO and SEA both have their advantages. SEA campaigns are a good way to get a high profile for a new product in a short period of time and SEO helps you build a long-term strategy to stay visible without having to pay for ads long-term.

Your account with rankingCoach will guide you through all the steps of SEO so that you eventually reach the top of search engine results and achieve online success!

If you also need help with SEA, rankingCoach 360 includes a Google Ads feature which helps you create and manage Ads campaigns easily.

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