Now that you have completed your onboarding, you have access to your rankingCoach dashboard and you can finally start working on your SEO!

Once you completed the onboarding, rankingCoach will analyse your website to detect the current SEO status of your website. Then we will provide you with a set personal tasks that are based on key SEO factors that are missing on your website. 

 In the menu on the left, you have access to different sections of your account. The most important ones for your day to day SEO work are the “tasks” and “reports” sections. The tasks will help you optimise your website and enhance your online visibility while the reports will enable you to monitor your progress and make adjustments in your strategy if needed. Note that you can edit the settings of your account, as well as your keywords, at any time in the “General” tab. 

Now that you have a better understanding of the different sections of your rankingCoach account, go to the “Tasks” section. This section is divided into three tabs. 

Firstly, there is the blue tab, which contains all the tasks that focus on your search rankings and editing your website for this. Secondly, the green tab contains your social media tasks which will help you to increase your online visibility through social media. Finally, the orange tab contains your local SEO tasks which will help you to increase your online visibility in the most relevant online directories .

Each of your tasks contains written instructions along with a video tutorial that is customized to the CMS  you selected so that you have step by step instructions to complete the task efficiently and successfully. 


Completing your tasks is of great importance as this is the process of actually optimizing your website, and by properly integrating the keywords you selected in the different sections of your website, you will make sure that search engines can detect the keywords that you want to be found with. This is what will help with your rankings on search engines.

If you don’t know why those keywords are assigned to your homepage, please read here for more information.

To better keep track of the impact of your actions, we recommend completing only a small number of tasks every week, and then checking the results using the “Reports” section. This will also allow you to make some adjustments in your optimization strategy where needed. Remember, SEO is not a sprint but a marathon. So make sure you take your time making the changes with care and consideration.

As we mentioned above, the “Reports” section is a very important area of your account. Located to the left of your account, here is all the information on your websites past and current performance. Important data that you can find here are the search volumes of all your keywords, your own rankings with these keywords and the rankings of competitors. Make sure to always keep an eye on your reports to monitor your own progress or to detect what you should change in your strategy if you see a drop in the rankings and no recovery from this after time.

Back in your general “Overview” you can scroll through your feed of all notifications and updates of your social platforms and Google My Business that you connected with rankingCoach. Moreover, you will also receive notifications and updates of the social platforms of your competitors so that you can always keep an eye on them and stay up to date with your competition!

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team and we are happy to assist you!

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