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Where do I start in rankingCoach?
Where do I start in rankingCoach?

Are you new to rankingCoach? Then check out this article to know where to start and how to make the most out of the app

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1. What can I do with rankingCoach?

rankingCoach offers two types of digital marketing solutions :

  • rankingCoach FREE

  • rankingCoach 360

Both applications were designed for SMBs, but have very different purposes.

rankingCoach FREE is a free-of-charge monitoring app that keeps you updated on what is happening online thanks to email notifications, reports and an in-app feed. The app is there to make sure you have all the information you need to efficiently manage your online presence.

rankingCoach 360 is the complete digital marketing solution for SMBs. It was designed to help you work on every aspect of your online presence. Not only does it help you monitor what is going on online, but it also enables you to

  • Optimize your website to increase your search engine rankings;

  • Register your business in all the important local directories to boost your local visibility;

  • Manage your reviews from one single platform;

  • Create professional Google Ads campaigns to instantly get more traffic to your website.

2. How to set up my account?

Whether you have decided to go for rankingCoach FREE or rankingCoach 360, setting up your account is easy, quick and very straightforward. All you have to do is follow the steps on your screen :

  1. Enter the name of your business in the search bar and locate it. If your business cannot be found this way, simply enter your business details and address manually.

  2. Select keywords for your business. Check out this article if you need some help.

  3. Confirm or add your business sector.

  4. Select your main competitors. Make sure to pick companies which are the same size as yours and which operate in the same area as you do.

  5. Review your business info to make sure there are no mistakes

  6. Click on “Finish”.

Once you have clicked on “Finish”, you will automatically be redirected to your rankingCoach dashboard and you can start enjoying all of your account’s features. Keep reading to know what to do next.

3. Where to start with rankingCoach FREE?

To make the most of the monitoring solution that is rankingCoach FREE :

  1. Start by connecting your Google My Business here and get direct access to your Google My Business insights from within your rankingCoach account.

  2. Connect Google Analytics here to be able to monitor the evolution of your website’s traffic.

  3. Connect your social media profiles here to have a clear picture of your presence on these platforms.

  4. Select your preferences regarding email notifications and stay on top of what is happening online (click here for instructions): you can either get instant notifications, a weekly summary or both. We recommend you to select at least the weekly summary.

  5. Download the rankingCoach app to always have the information you need within reach.

Once you are all set, all you need to do is check out your inbox on a regular basis and the app every two to three days so that, if something happens, you will be able to react quickly and protect your brand and your reputation.

If you notice that the situation is not evolving the way you would like it to and you want some help to actively work on your online presence and improve it, check out rankingCoach 360. It has all the features you need to boost your visibility.

4. Where to start with rankingCoach 360?

To make the most of the rankingCoach 360 solution, you first need to activate all the automated features that can give you short term results, as well as the monitoring feature of your account:

  1. Start by completing the local marketing setup here and activate the synchronization of the online directories. This will kickstart your visibility on local directories and in local searches on Google Search and Google Maps.

  2. Connect your Google My Business to rankingCoach here. It will give you direct access to your Google My Business insights and reviews. You will even be able to answer reviews and update your profile from within the app.

  3. Connect your business’ Facebook page for synchronization here. It will allow you to update your profile info easily and manage your customer reviews efficiently by answering them quickly.

  4. Create a Google Ads campaign here using rankingCoach’s automated suggestions. It will automatically lead you to the top of Google’s results and immediately boost your website traffic.

  5. Connect Google Analytics here to have a good overview of the traffic on your website and how it is evolving.

  6. Connect your other social media profiles here to make sure you have all of your digital marketing insights gathered in one place.

  7. Select your preferences regarding email notifications (click here for instructions). You can either get instant notifications, a weekly summary or both. We recommend you select at least the weekly summary.

Once all of this is done, you can finally focus on actions with long term results and start working on the customized SEO tasks the application created for you. Remember that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. There is no need to have all the tasks done in two days. The better approach is to do a few each week.

On top of doing the tasks, don’t forget to keep an eye on your inbox and on your reports to make sure you have everything under control and be able to react quickly whenever needed.

5. Where to get help?

If you have any questions, you can always check our help center. With over 80 articles about rankingCoach and online marketing, we most likely have the answers you are looking for!

For more general information about digital marketing, do not hesitate to check out our blog. Enter a keyword in the search bar to find all the relevant articles linked to this topic.

Last but not least, you can always contact our support team. Get in touch with us by email ( or via the chatbot on your rankingCoach 360 account. We are happy to help!

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