Have you been working on your tasks and would you like to know if your efforts are paying off? It’s time to have a look at your reports! rankingCoach gives you a wide variety of reports to help you monitor your strategy. rankingCoach gathers on one single platform all the data you need to never lose sight of you SEO status. In this article, we help you understand how to read each report. First off, you need to click on the “Reports” tab on the left menu of your rankingCoach account and keep reading. 

Search Engines 

The first tab called “Search Engines” gives you reports about your keywords rankings. 

In the first table, you can see the position of your website in Google for each of the keywords you have chosen. You can also compare it with the position it had one week ago and one month ago. The last column gives you an idea of the evolution of the search volume over the last month. If you click on the keywords, you have access to a screenshot with an overview of your website’s snippet in Google’s result pages, as well as to data related to the keyword’s potential (search volume, results on Google, Google Ads cost per click …). 

The second table gives you an overview of your daily rankings over the last 30 days. You will notice that you can fluctuate in positions, drop down and come back up, and this is normal. If you drop a huge amount and stay there for weeks, check where this keyword is and improve the page it is on! The third chart enables you to compare your rankings with your competitor’s rankings. Keep in mind to choose realistic competitors to have relevant data that you can actually use. If you own a small burger place, there is no point in comparing your performance with MCDonalds or Burger King. To modify your competitors, click on “General” in the left menu and then on “Competitors”. By keeping an eye on your competitors, you can adjust your strategy to keep one step ahead of them!

A little drop-down menu on the upper right side of each report gives you the possibility to choose if you want national or local statistics. 

Social Media

You can connect your Facebook and Twitter profiles to your rankingCoach account to get interesting data about your social media presence and activity. You get to see how many posts you have published on both platforms, as well as the reach of your posts. You would like to improve your Facebook strategy to gain visibility online, but you don’t know how? We have an article to help you with this! 

Local SEO

Working on local visibility and being registered in all the main online directories is essential for SMEs, especially when they are operating locally. Therefore, the “Local SEO” tab gives you an overview of all the major business directories and indicates thanks to a colour if your business is already registered in those. A green tick means that rankingCoach found your company’s profile in the directory. If you get an orange cross, it indicates that rankingCoach found a profile but that it is incomplete and, if you get a red cross, it indicates that we couldn’t find a profile matching your data in rankingCoach. 

Thanks to those pieces of information, you know in which directories you have to create a profile or modify your existing entry. You feel like you need help with this? Don’t worry! The local SEO tasks have been created to guide you through this process. Still too much work? Then you might want to consider our rankingCoach 360 subscription which includes the automatic sync of your data in online directories. Click here to read more about it. 

Google My Business 

The Google My Business feature enables you to create and manage your Google My Business profile directly from your rankingCoach account. The “Google My Business” tab in the “Reports” section of rankingCoach gives you interesting data about visits on your Google My Business profile. You get to see how many people found your entry, how they found it and what actions they took. You can therefore know if they visited your website, asked for directions or made a phone call. 


In this section rankingCoach, you can connect your Google Analytics account to get valuable insights about the traffic on your website. You get an overview of the number of visitors on your website over the last days, weeks or months. Thanks to the data, you also know how users found your website, if they visited several pages and whether their visit ended up in a conversion. We have another article that you can check out if you are interested in knowing more about Google Analytics and its use in rankingCoach.  

If you have a rankingCoach 360 subscription, you’ll notice that the “Reports” section of your account contains two additional tabs, a “Google Ads” tab and a “Web reputation” tab. The “Google Ads” section gives you insights about the performance of your ads campaign. Check out this article if you want to know more about it. The “Web reputation” section gathers all the reviews about your business left in online directories by customers. You can therefore easily  monitor them and answer them. Read more about how to manage your online reputation in this article.  

You have more questions regarding the report section of your account ? Please get in touch with our support. We are happy to help!  

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