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How can I connect my Facebook account to rankingCoach?
How can I connect my Facebook account to rankingCoach?

You can connect your Facebook account to rankingCoach, and helpful steps on how to create a Facebook account.

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1. How to connect Facebook with rankingCoach?

An important element of your digital marketing strategy and visibility is your social media presence, and rankingCoach makes it possible to connect your Facebook and get the most important social media insights.

To connect your social media account, click here if you’re already logged in to your rankingCoach, or go to your “Online Presence” tab in the left menu and then you click on “Listings and Publishing”.

Make sure you have admin rights for the accounts you want to connect, as well as your permission settings to allow third-party apps to connect with your Facebook.

Once connected, rankingCoach will start monitoring your social media account and activity. All your activity and reports on Facebook will be available in the Insights tab under Online Presence. You will also get real-time notifications in your RADAR feed every time something worth knowing is happening on your Facebook.

2. How can you create a Facebook account?

If you don’t have a Facebook profile for your business yet, we will guide you through the process of registration.

Your rankingCoach tasks are created especially for this type of situation.

We have created tutorials on how to create Facebook and how to connect it with rankingCoach. Once you create a social media account, click finish and if your account has been created successfully the task will be validated.

To check your social media tasks go to your dashboard and “Tasks” in the left menu.

At the moment, rankingCoach allows you to connect to Facebook, but we have also created tasks to help you get a better understanding of other social media platforms and how they can help you improve your online visibility and interactions with your customers.

Each social media platform has its own audience and focus. Find out which ones would work better for your business and follow our tips on how to manage your online presence. Check out this article from our blog for more tips on social media marketing.

For any further questions, please contact our support team, we are happy to help you.

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