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How can I synchronize Google Business Profile in rankingCoach?
How can I synchronize Google Business Profile in rankingCoach?

Learn how to synchronize your Google Business Profile with rankingCoach and make changes to your profile in one click.

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1. How can I synchronize Google Business Profile?

Managing Google Business Profile directly from rankingCoach is a feature available to all our accounts and plans. With one click in your rankingCoach, you can update your working hours, add photos, update your phone number and send new information to your Google Business Profile without the need to log in to separate accounts. You can also respond to reviews you receive.

Whether you already have an existing Google Business Profile account or not, in order to synchronize your Google Business Profile in rankingCoach and use this feature, you have to do the Google Business Profile onboarding.

To start the process click on “Online Presence” and then on “Business Profile”. Click here if you are already logged in to your rankingCoach account to start the process. During the onboarding process, you will be asked to:

  • Add a short

  • Add detailed description

  • Opening hours

  • Photos

Make sure your email, address and phone number are correct as this will be visible to your customers once you sync your account. Once your account activation has been completed, proceed to the Listings and Publishing tab and choose the option to publish or republish if you have made the updates to existing listings.

2. How will rankingCoach manage Google Business Profile listing?

By connecting and syncing your Google Business Profile account with rankingCoach you will have the option to manage your business profile from one dashboard.

Every time you make changes to your account, such as changing working hours for example, you will be asked to sync the account. Unless the account is synced, new data will not be sent from rankingCoach to Google Business Profile, or any other connected directories.

Connected and synced Google Business Profile with rankingCoach, helps you keep track of your activity and how your customers see your business profile. Always make sure your address, phone number and email are up to date so customers can find you easily.

Need more help or have questions about Google Business Profile, check out our help pages:

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