Great that you want to make use of rankingCoach! In the early steps of your onboarding, you might have noticed that a business address is required in order to continue with our onboarding steps. In this article, we will explain why you need to enter your address and what the rankingCoach application will do with it! 

So why does rankingCoach need your address and what will happen with it? 

  • First, it is important to enter your address for us so that we can help you optimise your website better by targeting the right region as it is important to target the correct country or local region. rankingCoach Search results in search engines like Google depend on the location of the search engine user. The competition level of the keywords and the monthly search volume (How many people used the keyword in Google) vary in each location, therefore it is also important that you get the right data for your location. 

  • The address will help rankingCoach to provide you with accurate daily reports. Since search engine results and rankings depend on the location of the user, you need to be aware of your rankings of each keyword in the region that you target. In case you target different cities and you entered these cities during the onboarding of rankingCoach, you can easily adjust the reports to the city of which you want to know your rankings. You can also choose to see your rankings nationwide.

  • If you do not have a physical address for your business, you can simply add your personal address or a random address in the same country as your business. It is however mandatory to enter an address so that rankingCoach can detect the correct country which allows us to better optimise your website for search engines in the right part of the world! 

  • The address that you enter in rankingCoach will stay internally with rankingCoach and will not be published, unless you make use of the listing function in rankingCoach and synchronize your data in online directories like Google My Business. By synchronizing the online directories, the address that you entered in rankingCoach will be visible there. Keep in mind that if you have entered your personal address or a random address, your customers will get misinformed if you use the listing function.

Having issues entering your address ? 

If your address contains more than one line because it is a bit more specific, you can add a line simply clicking on the button “Add address line 2” after the first Address line and you will be able to insert an industrial park, unit and suite.

If you enter your address in rankingCoach, and the application does not accept it, it means the entered address is not an existing geographic location on Google Maps. However, in rankingCoach we will provide you the option to pin your location in the map to show us where exactly your business is located. Drag and drop the red pin to your exact location on the map and click on “Save” once you are done.

Here is what we can do with your address

  • Entering your address helps rankingCoach to find your relevant competitors that you will able to monitor with the application. As we will compare your online presence with your competition, we will provide you with their daily rankings of all keywords that you have selected and you will be able to follow their social media activities. In this way,  you can always be one step ahead of your competition!

  • With your address, we are also able to find your business on social media platforms and online directories like Google My Business, which you can connect to your rankingCoach account. 

  • When we are able to find and connect your online directories and social media platforms, we help you optimize these platforms. You can automatically synchronize your data like your address in all online directories and manage your online reputation. 

  • On the other hand, we are also able to detect in which directories your data is partly missing or were you are completely absent. rankingCoach will show you in which relevant directories you are not visible or in which directory your data is partly missing. This way, we can help you improve your online visibility so that customers can find your business easier. 

You can change your address at anytime in the account. Simply click on “General” in the left menu of your rankingCoach dashboard and then on “Business”. The address and country that you selected will determine the language of rankingCoach. If you have a business in Spain and you enter a Spanish address, the language of the rankingCoach will automatically turn into Spanish. It is therefore not possible to have the application in a language that does not match the selected address and country. Once the country is chosen, is it not possible to change the country anymore for a project. 

By entering your address, rankingCoach provides you with useful data and helps you optimize your website. Now that you understand why rankingCoach needs an address and what will be done with the address, you can continue the onboarding! 

Also, please note that we also need a billing address for your invoices. However, this address doesn’t have to be the same as the one you entered during the onboarding. To find or edit your billing address, click on the profile icon on the top right corner of your rankingCoach account and then on “Personal information”. 

For any further questions, please contact our support team, we are happy to help you! 

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