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How to find and edit your invoices
How to find and edit your invoices

Learn how you can find your invoices in rankingCoach account, what you need to do to update address or to add your cross border VAT number.

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1. How can you find the invoices?

Invoices contain important information about your payment and company data. Therefore, it is important to keep your invoices organized and updated. rankingCoach makes sure that you can easily access all your invoices and edit your data at any time.

In order to find your invoices you have to log in to your account. In the upper right corner, you will find your profile symbol on which you have to click on, then on the drop-down, click on “Billing History”, as shown below:

Here you can find all your invoices from each month. You can easily download each invoice as a PDF document so that you will always have the invoices with you.

2. How can you edit your invoice address?

If you want to change the information on your invoice, all you need to do is go to the Personal Data section. There, you have an overview of the information we use to issue invoices and you can edit them. Among other things, you can change the recipient, the company name, the address and your email address. Do not forget to save your changes once you are done editing your data.

3. Adding a VAT number to your account

In the same Personal Data section, you can add a VAT for companies located within the European Union. If you have a cross-border VAT number, by adding this in the tab shown below, you will not be charged VAT on your invoices. It is important to make sure you enter a valid cross-border VAT number that is registered in the European Union for cross-border transactions.

If you notice some mistakes related to your personal data in the edited invoices, please contact our support team so that our team can help update them for you. However, please note that for European countries, we can add your VAT number on previous existing invoices as but we can not refund the VAT, if previously charged, or remove the VAT charge from the invoice, as this is against German law. However, you can get your VAT back by sending a refund request to your national tax authorities.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact our support and we are happy to help you!

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