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You have certainly stumbled across the term CMS before, but perhaps you were not aware of what it means, let alone how to use it correctly to optimize your website and get high rankings in Google! In the following article you will learn what a CMS is and how rankingCoach helps you use it to reach the top in search engines.

CMS stands for Content Management System. It is not as complicated as it sounds, on the contrary! A CMS is like a website builder; it is the platform on which you created your website. A CMS makes it possible to create, control and edit all the actions and content on your website - without the help of a professional programmer.

If, for example, you would like to post online blog articles for your company at regular intervals, you can use a CMS to simply write and change your texts yourself, as well as upload images or videos. You can always see how the content is displayed on your website before it is published. Examples of well known CMS are Wordpress and Shopify.

The big question now is: how can I use my CMS to optimise my website? Do not think too hard, rankingCoach will do the thinking for you by analyzing your website and showing you exactly what needs to be optimized and how it should be optimized with the help of instruction videos that are adjusted to your CMS.   

After analyzing your website, rankingCoach will create personal tasks for you based on your current SEO status. These tasks contain written instructions, but in order to help you even better, they also contain instruction videos. The instruction videos and written instructions are both customized to your CMS. So do not worry if you are not too familiar with your CMS. rankingCoach will show you exactly how to complete the tasks.

During the onboarding of rankingCoach, you will have to select your CMS. We offer a whole list of CMS that you can select from. Make sure you select the right CMS, as your instruction videos will be adjusted to this selected CMS.  If you cannot  find your own CMS in this step or you do not have one, no problem!  Instead you can select "Other CMS" or "No CMS" , and rankingCoach will still have tasks with written instructions and instruction videos! 

Do not worry if you have selected the wrong CMS during the onboarding process.  You can easily change the CMS anytime. You simply have to go to your General settings in the left menu and  click on Business.  There you can select the correct CMS. Do not forget to Save the settings. Once you have selected and saved the correct CMS, your tasks and instruction videos will automatically be adjusted to your new CMS.  

rankingCoach simplifies the use of your CMS in order to get higher rankings in search engines and will help guide your website to online success!

For any further questions, please contact our support. 

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