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1. How to set a daily Ads budget?

The payment of your Google Ads budget is done via prepaid credit with an automatic top-up of your selected recharge amount.

Prepaid payment and recharge ensure that you have enough credit in your account at all times to place your Ads. As soon as the credit limit falls below the value of the three days of your daily budget ($5 per day = $15), the recharge of the selected prepaid budget will happen automatically.

To set up your daily budget, you need to choose the Ads budget option in your campaign settings and simply adjust the daily budget.

While choosing your daily budget you will also see the dynamic change in the recharge amount. Once you are happy with the daily budget you can go ahead and choose the automatic recharge that best fits your advertising budget.

2. How does the Ads recharge work?

Automatic recharge ensures your Ads campaign stays active as long as you want.

If you choose a budget of $1 to $20 a day, then you can choose an upfront prepaid amount that fits your budget., with the minimum recharge amount of $50, and maximum of $2000.

The recharge amount is based on your daily budget and it is calculated dynamically to ensure you can choose from the minimum and maximum amount that works for your Ads budget and an approximate number of clicks.

Increasing the daily budget will also give you the option to increase the recharge amount.

You might have noticed that your budget is currently limited to $30 a day, but you can request your daily budget to be increased up to the maximum of $60 a day. If you have not had any payment failures, payment issues, withdrawals or any kind of payment errors for all the invoices in the last 3 full calendar months (90 days from the first invoice), get in touch please with our support team, and we’ll help you increase your Ads budget.

If you notice that you are about to be charged as your budget is close to the minimum amount necessary to run your Ads (daily budget x 3), you can deactivate the automatic recharge at any time by simply pausing the campaign.

To check your remaining budget log in to the rankingCoach account and, click on Reports, then the Google Ads report tab in your dashboard to check all campaign activity.

If at any point you would like to stop running Google Ads, and you would like to get a refund of the remaining budget, reach out to our support team and request Ads budget refund. Please make sure to stop your Ads campaign so we do not spend any more of your Ads budget.

If you have any further questions about your Google Ads campaigns with rankingCoach, do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team. We are happy to help!

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