Great, your campaigns are running! But how are they performing? If you really want to succeed with your Ads campaign, you will have to regularly review and refine the performance of your campaigns. In particular, you need to monitor the progress of your ads and keywords. This includes: how much have you spent so far, how many clicks and impressions you have had, and which keywords are more clicked on! rankingCoach offers all these insights about your ads in just one overview! You can find all your ads insights in the Reports section of your account. 

Once your campaign is live your reports will not directly be available, as your Ads first need to be searched for and clicked on. In case you are running Ads for keywords with a high search volume the reports can be available between 24 and 48 hours, however, in many cases, it could take at least 48 hours before your reports will be visible.

Once you have clicked on Reports, then Google Ads, it is important to choose over which period of time you would like to view the ads insights. We always show the current billing month of your ads, but you can also select one of the previous months. If you want to customize your own period of time, you can simply click on ‘Custom Interval’. In order to see the whole history of your ads campaigns, you can simply go back to the first date when you started the ads until the current date. 

Once you selected the preferred time of period, you will first run into the amount of clicks of all your ads, the views, cost per click and the total costs of clicks. 

  • The Clicks are the total clicks you received for all your ads. This is when someone clicks on the blue headline or body of the ad. Even if the user is unable to reach your website because it is not available or offline, it is still counted as a click. 

  • The Views indicate how often your ads appear. Whenever an Ad is displayed in the Google results or network, it is counted as a view. This can also be referred to as an Impression.

  • The Cost Per Click (CPC) indicate the average cost that you pay per click. The cost per click is an important unit of measurement for those who want to measure costs and benefits for their advertising campaign. 

  • The Costs of Clicks represent how much of your budget has been used so far. The budget is only spend when customers click on your ads.

This section also shows graphs about how many views and clicks you got from different devices: Desktop, Tablets and Mobile. Moreover, you will have graphs which provides you information about the clicks and views for different dates within the selected timeframe. 

The total clicks, views and costs give you a great overview of how your ads are running in general, however, it is also important to have even more detailed information about your ads. rankingCoach provides you all the information about the clicks, views, cost per click and total costs for each keyword. You may find that some keywords are more clicked on than others, or that some do not get any clicks at all. It is important to monitor each keyword as you might need to replace keywords that are not working for you. Please note that NOT all keywords you selected in rankingCoach will be shown in the Ads report section, as some keywords do not have any impressions or clicks. You will only receive reports of the keywords that actually have impressions and clicks. Moreover, if you have multiple keywords that match a search term of a user, Google will select the keyword to show based on multiple factors, like the Ad rank of a keyword. For more information about this, click here.

The Ads budget section shows how much you have spent in total of your budget and what is remaining from your budget. It also shows a graph of the Budget history where you can see the average spend per day for your current live Ads. 

Further down in the ads report section, you will find all insights of your ads per date. Budget/day shows the chosen daily budget for every date. The Spent section shows how much of that daily budget has been actually spend. The Clicks section shows how many clicks you received for each date and the cost per click section shows how much you paid per click for that date. Even though you have set a daily budget, you may find that you spend more on ads on some dates than others. To fully reach your advertising goals, Google automatically adjusts your daily budget to ensure that you get as many clicks and conversions as possible. Therefore, more of your budget may be spent on one day, and less on the next day. Regardless of the daily distribution, Google will never spend more than your allocated monthly budget. 

The refunds section shows the time of period when the costs were generated. You can view the amount of correction by Google for miscalculated clicks. This is automatically corrected and therefore, rankingCoach will not spend anything more than your monthly budget.

Your Ads reports are regularly updated so you are always on top of the developments of your Ads. The section about the remaining budget of your Ads is daily updated. All other sections of your reports including the costs per click and views of your keywords are updated hourly.

For any further questions, please contact our support. 

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