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What are Backlinks and how do they help your SEO rankings
What are Backlinks and how do they help your SEO rankings

Learn how to get high quality backlinks and increase your SERP visibility by utilizing backlinks correctly.

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1. What are backlinks?

A backlink can be summed up as a link from one website to another. Backlinks can make a huge impact on a website’s prominence in search engine results as they give you more visibility and online presence.

Backlinks are important as they funnel the visitors who are already interested in your business and the industry you work in. High-quality backlinks bring you more real customers and increase the value of your website.

The more backlinks you get, the higher ranking you receive for your website's SERP results. Google does not look at the quantity of backlinks but at the quality of the backlinks. Quality backlinks are links from websites that are well known and have a good amount of traffic and reputation.

2. How do I get backlinks?

There are so many ways you can get backlinks. But we suggest these three options:

  • In the rankingCoach dashboard as task suggestions

  • Reach out directly to websites

  • Guest blogging

Get backlinks suggestions in rankingCoach tasks

At rankingCoach, we analyze your competitors’ backlinks and we suggest the websites they included so that you can request those same pages to link to your business as well. If you do not like these suggestions, you can always reach out to the website you find or update the list of your competitors to get new and fresh suggestions.

Reach out directly to websites

Different websites may have different policies regarding backlinks. Some websites might ask for more details about your business, some might want you to reciprocate by including a link on your own website. The best way to get the backlinks is to reach out to the website administrators directly and find out what would be the best option. You can either reach out to the email address of the person in charge or use the contact form.

Guest blogging

By offering to write a guest article you provide other websites with free content from a trusted source and your website acquires relevant valuable backlinks. You can also comment on other blogs and keep in touch with other websites and bloggers.

The content you publish and write should be linked to your industry and should be valuable to your customers so other websites would be interested in sharing.

Content such as guides, infographics, and videos are proven to get more backlinks and traffic. As well as the blog posts with “Why” and “What” in the title.

3. How to avoid bad backlinks?

Keep in mind that you do need backlinks, but not all backlinks, especially bad ones. You should avoid using websites called link farms. These are pages with many different website links but with no continuity or collective reasoning for the pages. As there are endless links on a static page.

They contain a list of links that give no real benefits in terms of incoming customers and will not help your SEO. Reach out to our support team if you get such suggestions, and we’ll remove them from our lists immediately.

Reaching out to unsecured websites, untrustworthy with a bad reputation, will also not help your SEO. Focus more on the website you have personally read, have trust in and that is relevant to your business. This task will take time, but quality backlinks will always help rank you higher than backlinks from a “link farm” type of website.

If you have any further questions about backlinks, please contact our support and we will be happy to help you. Also, we have more articles on other topics on the link:

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