In this article we’re going to see how to prioritize them and how they are going to be used. 

On the left, you can also see that keywords are categorized into High Priority (positions nr. 1 to nr. 3), Middle Priority (from position nr. 4 to nr. 15) and Low Priority (from position 16 onwards)

The three keywords in high priority should give users a general idea of what your company is about and, if you operate locally, of where you are. These three keywords are going to end up in the title of your homepage, which is displayed in blue in SERPs:

So try to find keywords that fit together in a short, catchy title that will invite users to click on your website. Take this for example:

The keywords are just thrown in there and they don’t work well together. As a result, the whole title is not appealing. 

This better example still contains some of the same keywords, plus the name of the company and more specific search terms; they look better in the SERP and they invite potential visitors to actually click on your website.

Keywords nr. 4 to 15 are the keywords that will be contained in your subpages’ content and meta data. Later, you will see how to assign each of these keywords to the subpage of your website that they refer to. You can always manage which keywords you assigned to which subpage by clicking on “General” and then on “Subpages” (on the left hand side of the app).

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