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How can you prioritize your Keywords for better SEO results?
How can you prioritize your Keywords for better SEO results?

How to give your keywords the right priority to improve page ranking

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Where to include my keywords for optimal SEO results?

1. Why is it important to prioritize your keywords?

rankingCoach allows you to organize your keywords in order of priority in order to emphasize which keywords are more relevant for your business. This is how rankingCoach will use your keyword list:

  • High Priority (positions 1 to 3). The app will create tasks related to optimising your homepage with these keywords.

  • Middle (from position 4 to 25). The app will create tasks related to optimising your different subpages for these keywords.

  • Low Priority (from position 26 onwards). The app will show you the reports for these keywords.

2. Keywords for your homepage

The three keywords in high priority should give users a general idea of what your company is about and they should:

  • Describe your business

  • Be composed of 1-2 terms

  • Include your location if you operate locally

Remember that these three keywords are going to end up in the meta title and meta description of your homepage, which is displayed in the SERPs and it’s the first impression your customers will have of your business.

Try that your title, for example, looks something like this:

Is better to find keywords that fit together in a short, catchy title that will invite users to click on your website. Do not throw keywords next to each other since it can have the opposite effect.

If you need help choosing the best keywords for your business, please check out this article.

3. Keywords for your subpages

Keywords from numbers 4 to 15 are the keywords that will be contained in your subpages’ content and metadata.

The keywords for your subpages must:

  • Be specific for your subpage theme

  • Be more detailed. You can use long tail keywords (composed by 3 or more terms and not surpassing the 60 characters).

  • Include your location if you operate locally

Subpages are also a great part of your SEO optimization. Google won’t only rank your homepage, but also your subpages. That is why rankingCoach allows you to prioritize your keywords for specific subpages.

In this article, you can also learn how to assign each of these keywords to the subpage of your website that they refer to.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team, we are more than happy to help. Any further questions? We have additional articles on more topics here:

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