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How many directories can my business be synchronized on?
How many directories can my business be synchronized on?

Find out how many directories your business data will be synchronized and published if you activate rankingCoach’s local marketing feature?

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1. Online directories with rankingCoach

The new Online Presence feature is a part of the 360 monthly or annual subscription.

By activating this feature, rankingCoach will automatically list your business in the directories available in your area. We will use the information provided in your business summary. Check your contact details, description, and photos before you sync your business with local directories to make sure all is up-to-date, and more importantly enter a valid telephone number since this is required in order to sync and publish your company on the online directories!

2. Online directories per country

In the table below you will find an overview of the online directories per country in all major English-speaking countries except New Zealand which is not supported by the new online directory partner at this moment!

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