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How can I change my domain in rankingCoach?
How can I change my domain in rankingCoach?

Do you need to change the domain you have entered in rankingCoach? Find out how to do this in your rankingCoach dashboard.

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1. Can I change my domain in rankingCoach?

Yes, the option to change the domain of your project in rankingCoach is available, however some rules apply. This can depend on a few factors, however we will help explain how this works with your rankingCoach account.

If you no longer need rankingCoach for your old domain but would like to use your account for optimization of a new project and add a new domain, this can be done in your rankingCoach account under the “Manage projects tab”.

The option to remove the current domain and add a new is available for all 360 subscribers, while different rules apply for agency contracts. If you’re an agency and need help with domain change, reach out to our team for more information.

2. How to change your domain?

To change your domain go to the “Manage projects” tab on the menu, click on the “General” tab, and the project you would like to remove. Hover over the project until you see the red X mark and confirm removal.

The next step is to add details of the new domain. The rankingCoach app will redirect you to the onboarding step where you will add details of your new project such as domain, keywords, competitors, and business industry.

Once the domain has been saved, you can start working on your optimization.

If you add another project but your previous one was not yet deleted, the account will be additionally charged a prorated fee for the new one for the remaining days until your next billing date of your subscription.

3. Rules for a domain change

rankingCoach Free account users can add one domain per account. If you would like to add another domain you will have to open a new free account and manage it separately.

On the other hand, if you have changed the domain name but the website remains the same and you do not want to lose any progress you made with rankingCoach, ask our support directly via chat or send an email to

Our team will check if the domain change rules apply to your situation.

Domain can be changed if:

  • Your new website is the same as old one, or for example, you have entered a subpage instead of a home page

  • If you have created a new website and your old website redirect users to the new domain

We cannot change the domain if:

  • The new website has a different name, not related to the old website and business

  • Google Ads campaign is active at the moment or have you had it active in the past

  • Your local directories have been synced

  • You have connected your Google My Business account with rankingCoach

In the case that the rules of the domain change do not apply, reach out to our team to find out more about rankingCoach plans and how to add a new domain to your existing account and subscription.

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