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How do I stop rankingCoach from posting photos on my Facebook?
How do I stop rankingCoach from posting photos on my Facebook?

If you do not want rankingCoach to post photos on your Facebook page, check out this article to find out how to deactivate this feature.

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1. Will rankingCoach post photos on my page?

By connecting your Facebook profile with rankingCoach you allow rankingCoach to edit and update the data on your Facebook profile. Every time you sync your Facebook account in the local marketing tab, rankingCoach will update your profile based on the information entered in rankingCoach. Information such as your phone number, address, opening hours, and pictures will be updated.

rankingCoach will only post if you instruct it by connecting, then syncing and publishing your Facebook account with rankingCoach.

2. How do I stop rankingCoach from posting photos?

However, there is an option to stop rankingCoach from posting new photos on your Facebook. You just need to deactivate your media sync feature. This allows you to update working hours, address or contact details without adding new photos to your Facebook page. The option to deactivate the media sync for Facebook can be found in the Local Marketing section in the left menu of your rankingCoach dashboard.

Scroll down to find the “Preview” option at the bottom of your page. Here you can sync your Facebook, Google Business Profile, and Local directories.

From here, switch OFF the Media sync toggle for your Facebook account.

Once this feature is deactivated, rankingCoach will no longer change or add pictures to your Facebook profile.

You will still be able to update other business data from within your rankingCoach account. Just click on the check box next to Facebook and sync your other information.

If you want to withdraw rankingCoach’s access to your Facebook page, you can simply disconnect your page by clicking on the “Disconnect” button in your Social Connect tab. Keep in mind that your reports will no longer have any details on social media activity and therefore we recommend having your Facebook account connected.

rankingCoach will never publish any type of content on your Facebook page, make any changes or comments unless instructed otherwise.

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