The content of a website is not limited to text, it also includes visuals, like logos, photos and graphs. But can you actually also optimise your pictures? Keep reading if you want to learn how to get the best out of your pictures!

Quality of the picture 

Pictures play a determining role in the way visitors perceive your website and is the first impression they get of it. That’s why, first of all, you want your pictures to look good so that people will want to stay on your website to explore it and read your content. Whether you are using photos, graphics or infographics, choose your pictures carefully and make sure they are aesthetic and of good quality. The longer visitors stay on your website and the more pages they visit, the better your bounce rate will be. This can help you reach better positions in search engines as the bounce rate is one of Google’s ranking factors.  

Alt text 

Google’s algorithms are becoming more and more complex and are able to read and understand ever more content. However, Google’s bots are not yet able to read pictures properly, even though the pictures are an important part of your website’s content, whether it is to give a nicer touch to your pages or to make a point. How can you make sure that the pictures you have chosen are taken into account when Google crawl your website ?

The answer is easy : Alt Text. You can - and you should - add a short description of your pictures in your HTML code. This description will help search engines understand what your picture is about and will even be read out loud by screen readers used by visually impaired users. 

You don’t know how to add Alt text to your website? Don’t worry, rankingCoach has a task to guide you step by step through the process of optimising the description of your pictures. Don’t forget to add your keywords in your alt text when it is relevant!  

Did you know that choosing the right alt text can also help your website rank in top position in Google image result pages? You have no time to waste! 

Loading speed 

What do you do when a website takes too much time to load? Well, like most of us, you probably hit the “back” button and look for another website. You might not know this, but the size of your pictures has a big impact on the loading time of your website. Therefore, if your website is not loading fast enough on desktops or on mobile devices, you should take a look at the size and the format of your pictures to see if you can compress them. Be careful not to lose the quality of your pictures in the process. Fast and dynamic websites will always win the day with visitors!

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