rankingCoach has made it very easy for you to manage your Ads campaigns! When you have your Ads campaign running, you can always deactivate your Ads at any time. You can choose to continue your Ads in the near future by simply activating your campaigns again and you can still continue to run the Ads with your remaining budget. 

In case you decide to really put and end to your campaigns, it is very likely that there is still a remaining budget. If you do not plan to spend this budget anymore on your ads, you are able to receive a refund of the remaining Ads budget that has not been used up.

There are two simple steps to follow: 

  • If you do not wish to continue with your Ads campaign, make sure to deactivate your Ads. If you do no not deactivate your ads, your ads will continue to run which means that the remaining budget will continue to be used when visitors click on you ads. In order to deactivate your campaigns, you simply click in the left menu on “Reports” and then on “Google Ads”. There you will find the switch button to deactivate your campaigns. Please note that it can take 3 to 5 business days before the refund can be processed. 

  • Once you deactivate your campaigns, you can contact our support team through the chatbox or email to : support@rankingcoach.com to request your refund. Please do not try to dispute your Ads invoice meanwhile, as this will slow down the refund process tremendously. 

For any more questions, please contact our support team, we are happy to help you. 

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