1. What are Google Ads insights?

  2. Where can I find my Ads insights?

  3. How to read my Ads insights?

  4. Google Ads budget

1. What are Google Ads insights?

Knowing how much you spend a day on your Ads, what is the cost per click, the number of impressions and views can help you make a better campaign and get more conversions.

Google Ads insights with rankingCoach include how much have you spent so far, how many clicks and impressions you have had, and which keywords are more clicked on.

You can find all your Ads insights in the Google Ads section of your account and dashboard. Once your campaign is live your insights and reports will not be available immediately, as your Ads first need to be searched for and clicked on. In case you are running Ads for keywords with a high search volume, the reports will be available between 24 and 48 hours.

2. Where can I find my Ads insights?

All your Google Ads details, set up and extensions are available in the Google Ads tab in the dashboard. First, you will be presented with the campaign settings and details such as keywords and extensions. Scroll down to find the list of your active and inactive ads.

Each of the ads will have an overview of the click, cost per click and total cost.

This gives you more visibility on which ad actually works better and brings more traffic.

If you click on the see details under each ad, you will have a breakdown and more insight into the graph view such as which device was used. Keep in mind that you can customize the view to see the reports for the last 24 hours 7 days, 6 months, a month or from the very beginning.

3. How to read my Ads insights?

Choose the time period you want to check and the app will display your results according to the selected period of time.

  • The Clicks are the total clicks you received for all your ads. This is when someone clicks on the blue headline or body of the Ad. Even if the user is unable to reach your website because it is not available or offline, it is still counted as a click.

  • The Impressions indicate how often your Ads appear. Whenever an Ad is displayed in the Google results or network, it is counted as a view. This can also be referred to as an Impression.

  • The Cost Per Click (CPC) indicates the average cost that you pay per click. This helps you to measure costs and benefits of advertising campaigns.

  • The Costs of Clicks represent how much of your budget has been used so far. The budget is only spent when customers actually click on your ads.

This section also shows graphs about how many views and clicks you got from different devices: Desktop, Tablets and Mobile.

rankingCoach provides you with all the information about the clicks, views, cost per click and total costs for each keyword. You may find that some keywords are more clicked on than others, or that some do not get any clicks at all. It is important to monitor each keyword as you might need to replace keywords that are not working for you.

Please note that NOT all keywords you selected in rankingCoach will be shown in the Ads insights section, as some keywords do not have any impressions or clicks. You will only receive insights of the keywords that actually have impressions and clicks.

4. Google Ads budget

The Ads budget section shows how much you have spent in a total of your budget and what is remaining from your budget. It also shows a graph of the budget history where you can see the average spend per day for your current live Ads.

To find more about your Google Ads budget scroll down to your Ads budget in the Google Ads insights section.

Budget/day shows the chosen daily budget for every date. The Spent section shows how much of that daily budget has been actually spent. The Clicks section shows how many clicks you received for each date and the cost per click section shows how much you paid per click for that date.

Graph view will show you the budget history over the selected period of time. The grey line will show the set budget, while the blue line shows how much was actually spent.

Even though you have set a daily budget, you may find that you spend more on Ads on some dates than others. To fully reach your advertising goals, Google automatically adjusts your daily budget to ensure that you get as many clicks and conversions as possible. Therefore, more of your budget may be spent on one day, and less on the next day. However, Google will never spend more than you have allocated.

Your reports will also show you the cost of the service fees and tax, as well as the correction of the miscalculated clicks. This is automatically corrected and will not affect your daily budget. Your Ads budget details can also be exported in the XLS document so you can track your Ads cost easily.

Your Ads Insights are regularly updated with the results on the clicks and cost, as well as the remaining budget and recharge amount.

Ads can be paused at any time, as well as you can request a refund of the remaining budget. Just reach out to our support team or check out our help article.

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