Are my marketing campaigns having any impact on my website’s performance? This is a question you have most definitely asked yourself more than once. Although the performance of some marketing activities can prove complicated to measure, there is a very effective way to identify through which channel customers find your phone number, this is called call tracking. If you already have a call tracking strategy in place, you might wonder how to best use the automatic sync feature of rankingCoach 360 not to lose the benefit of call tracking.

Thanks to its automated sync feature, rankingCoach enables you to simultaneously publish your business data, including your phone number, on multiple online local directories. Now the question is: which number to add and where to add it?

If you are using call tracking, please note that it is important to add both your regular phone number and the call tracking phone number on your rankingCoach account. Go to your rankingCoach dashboard and click on “General” and then on “Business” in the menu on the left. Navigate to the “Company data” section.

Enter the call tracking number in the mandatory “Phone*” field. Then, click on the “Additional phone number button” and add your company’s regular phone number in the “Additional phone number” field. Don’t forget to click on “Save” when you are done.

Once you have entered both phone numbers, all you have to do is go to the “Local Marketing” tab and start setting up the local directory sync by following the instructions. Click here if you want more information on how the sync process with rankingCoach works.

Once this is done - you will be set to track your calls and further monitor your online marketing presence! Do not hesitate to set this up and continue your online marketing strategies with your rankingCoach app.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team, we are happy to help you.

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