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Is rankingCoach GDPR-compliant?

Read here more about The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with rankingCoach.

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1. GDPR rules in the European Union

According to “The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the toughest privacy and security law in the world. Though it was drafted and passed by the European Union (EU), it imposes obligations onto organizations anywhere, so long as they target or collect data related to people in the EU.” This means that all EU companies but also companies without the EU who do business with B2C and B2B in Europe should respect the GDPR policy at all times! Companies who do not follow these rules risk heavy fines from the European Commission but also from national authorities of each EU member state.

If you want to have a look at the whole official Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on General Data Protection Regulation and inform yourself in detail, then please visit this link of!

2. The GDPR procedure at rankingCoach

At rankingCoach GmbH, we take the protection of your data very seriously, even more since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. We have a very strict privacy policy, and we are very careful when it comes to choosing our partners. We only work with companies that commit to respecting the GDPR-policies, and that's why we sign a Data Processing Agreement with every single partner. To know more about our privacy policy, check out this page.

If you want an overview of all the data rankingCoach has about you, simply contact our support team. We will provide you with it as soon as possible. You can also request that your rankingCoach account and the data you entered in our application, including your payment data, to be deleted. However, please note that this can only be done once your subscription has ended (the official end period of your contractual date), your account has been deactivated and all of your open invoices have been paid.

Since we are allowed to keep your personal data by Art. 6 para. 1 lit. of GDPR until our contractual relationship has ended, and you have paid all of your invoices.

In order to have your data and your account deleted, please get in touch with our support team via the chat bubble on your account or via email at the address

For any further questions, please contact our support team, we are happy to help you.

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