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1. Can I connect my Google Ads account to rankingCoach?

If you created a Google Ads account before subscribing to rankingCoach, you might wonder if it is possible to connect your existing Google Ads account to rankingCoach. Please note that it is not possible. Indeed, all rankingCoach Google Ads campaigns are created through rankingCoach’s main Google Ads account. Therefore, you cannot connect your existing Google Ads account to rankingCoach. Check out this article if you want to know more about how to create a Google Ads campaign with rankingCoach.

2. Is it possible to run Ads with Google and rankingCoach at the same time?

Please also note that Google does not allow two campaigns to be launched simultaneously on two different platforms for the same domain name. Therefore, if you have a campaign running with Google and you want to use the Ads feature of your rankingCoach account, the first thing you need to do is deactivate your existing campaign in order to avoid any sanctions.

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