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How does the wizard button work?
How does the wizard button work?

What is the wizard that I see in my rankingCoach account? Learn how you can use the Wizard option to restart sections of rankingCoach app.

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1. What does the Wizard button do?

You might have noticed that in every tab inside the settings section of your rankingCoach menu, there is a wizard option. Do you ever wonder what will happen if you click on it? Keep on reading, so we can tell you all you need to know about the wizard and when to use it!

The wizard enables you to reset your project or certain parts of your projects. Please note that when using this option you might lose data and it could affect the progress you have already made. Did you click on the button by mistake? Don’t worry, clicking on this button will always trigger a warning pop up and you will have to confirm your choice in order to proceed.

2. Where can I use the Wizard button?

There are several wizard buttons in the left-hand menu of your dashboard. Each one of them has different purposes and covers different needs you might have. Therefore, make sure you are in the correct tab when clicking on the Wizard button.

The wizard button in the “Search Engines” tab brings you to the start of the onboarding process again. This way you will be able to reset the information of your business, your business sector, competitors and keywords, among other things. This is a perfect option if you have started your website from scratch and want to optimize it from 0 again. It is also a good option in case you would like to look up some other keyword suggestions. Read this article if you need help choosing your keywords.

There is also a wizard button in the “General” tab, as shown in the first image in this article. Clicking on it will bring you to whatever feature you have not yet set up. This means that if you have completed the general onboarding and the Google Ads, but not the online presence, you will be automatically brought there. If you have already set up all of your account’s features, clicking on this button will lead you to all of the onboarding sections to go over in detail.

Now you are prepared to use each Wizard option as you see fit, or when you feel it is needed for your website's optimization!

For any further questions, please contact our support team, we are happy to help you.

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