rankingCoach 360 is the perfect application for optimizing your website and improving your online visibility. rankingCoach 360 covers all your website’s Digital Marketing needs, providing you with step-by-step guidance every step of the way. But where do you start and what does your site most need to improve? rankingCoach’s Jump-Start feature shows you exactly which Digital Marketing areas you most need to work on to increase your website’s online visibility and traffic!

New users are redirected to the Jump-Start page at the end of the onboarding process. Current users can access this feature anytime by clicking on the Jump-Start icon in the main user menu. On the Jump-Start page you will see a prioritized list of all the areas your website most needs to improve to achieve the best Digital Marketing results, and tasks that you can jump straight into to work on these specific areas. These core areas of Digital Marketing include: search engines ranking, online reputation, Social Media management, brand monitoring, Google Ads management and Local Marketing.

*Please note: Google Ads and online directory synchronization are not available with the free trial version of rankingCoach 360, but you can change from the trial version to the full version at any moment to unlock these features. In order to do so, you can simply start the set-up process of your Ads or local directories. Once you try to activate these features after setting it up, you will receive a warning telling you that the free trial will immediately end and switch to the full version if you continue. In this case, you just need to click on the “Ok, continue” button.

The Optimization Score is designed to show the progress of your Digital Marketing plan. You can check this at any time by clicking on the Jump-Start icon on the main user menu. The Optimization Score also shows you how much working on a specific area will improve your website's overall Optimization Score.

If you want to go directly to a specific feature, for example, Google My Business, all you need to do is click on “Get it done” in that section, so you can start straight away with optimizing this part.

Remember that this is an extra guidance to help you with the optimization progress.

Alternatively, you can go to the general section of the App to gain a broader understanding of the other features, reports and tasks we have prepared for you.

You can check the Jump-Start page anytime to see which parts of your business’s website most need attention. To do so, simply click on the red notification Jump-Start button at the top of the rankingCoach dashboard.

For any further questions, please contact our support team, we are happy to help you.

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