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Why are the results in rankingCoach not the same as the results I see in Google?
Why are the results in rankingCoach not the same as the results I see in Google?

Learn how and why the results of your keywords and ranking results are not identical or the same on your rankingCoach as shown in Google?

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1. The comparison of rankingCoach and Google Search results

Let’s imagine you had a look at your ranking reports in rankingCoach, and you wonder if what the account is telling you is true, so you open a new tab, and you enter one of your keywords in Google. Then, surprisingly, your website doesn’t appear at the position indicated in rankingCoach? But the data we are displaying in your account comes directly from Google, so how is this possible?

Google always tries to give its users the best possible results according to their queries. Therefore, the search engine uses everything it knows about you to customize as much as possible the search results it shows you, and Google might know you better than you expected!

Amongst the elements taken into account to personalize your search results, there is:

  • Your localisation

  • Your search history

  • Your browser history

  • Your language preference

  • Data from accounts for other Google products

  • The device you are using

This explains why you won’t necessarily get the same results as your colleague or as a third person, even if you entered the exact same keyword in Google. This also explains why your website might not appear at the same position as the one indicated in the rankingCoach reports. You are probably used to doing searches about your business, your business sector and your competitors and this will influence the websites that will appear in top positions in Google.

2. Location as a criterion of ranking and results

The only criterion taken into account to customize the rankings displayed in your rankingCoach account is the localisation or the location from where the search is being conducted.

You could be wondering if using the incognito mode on your browser might help avoiding this issue? Well, it will definitely delete some factors such as your search history or your browser history, but Google will still have access to data such as your geographic location or your language preference, so you won’t be able to recreate the exact same conditions as the ones in rankingCoach.

As such, you can narrow down your organic position by doing such tricks, but ultimately our results we can download straight from Google with your account localisation. Devices (such as mobile phones) and others parameters listed above can always have an affect on your results.

Feel free to get in touch with our support if you have questions or if you need help. We would be happy to help!

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