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How to create and manage Google Business Profile with rankingCoach?
How to create and manage Google Business Profile with rankingCoach?

Learn how to create an SEO-friendly Google Business Profile with rankingCoach.

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1. Do I need a Google Business Profile for my SEO?

Google Business Profile is arguably the most important online directory for a business to be on. As Google is the most used search engine, having your business in their directory is paramount to your online success. Google Business is by all types and sizes of businesses in which they want to share their location for potential visitors or customers. It is also important to have a Google Business Profile even if you do not have a typical brick-and-mortar storefront. Having your business found, having a place for reviews, and information to get in contact with your company is crucial for success. With the rankingCoach application, you can create a Google Business Profile page in just a few short steps, and then manage it at any time through the application yourself.

2. How to create a Google Business Profile page?

If you don’t have a Google Business Profile yet, you can create it within your rankingCoach dashboard.

To complete the setup, log into your rankingCoach account, and click on the Online Presence tab and Google Business tab. You will be asked to provide details about your business such as a short description, opening hours, and photos.

Other details such as phone number, email and address will be used from your rankingCoach business overview, and information added during the onboarding process. When finishing your Google Business Profile setup make sure that information is correct as this is what customers will see when they search.

Keep in mind that the address you have provided is the same address that will be used to send a pin code, by post, to verify your business.

Once you get the pin code and verify your business in the rankingCoach app, you will be able to sync your account and fully manage it. You will be able to update working hours if you change them, create events, respond to reviews and add new photos.

The purpose of a Google Business Profile is to connect you with potential customers in the area by providing the most important, up-to-date and immediate information about your business, such as where are you located, when are you open and how to contact you.

Fully completed profiles with business name, address, phone number, website, and photos are more likely to get higher rankings and be visible in the top 3 with Google Maps and search results.

To access and fully manage your Google Business Profile account, you do not have to create a new login or use another app. You just need to log in to the rankingCoach app.

Having a Google Business Profile is a crucial part of your SEO strategy. Connecting it with rankingCoach will allow you to manage all your business content, map and Google reviews directly from one place and one account login.

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