Directories limit your description to a certain number of characters. To make sure your description fulfill the directories requirements, our application won’t let you save your description if it exceeds the character limits. However, sometimes, it won’t let you save your description even though you are within the limit indicated by the character count. Why is that? Well, some letters that are larger or contain accents count for more than one character. Therefore, we advise you to write a description that is 15 to 20 characters shorter than the character limit. You might also have problems saving your description if you copy/paste it from another document or page. The text might indeed have kept some previous formatting counting as extra characters, even though you cannot see it when you paste it on the page. Therefore, make sure to type out your description manually.  

Also make sure that you entered the right postcode and that every period you entered is followed by a space (otherwise the app will think that you are trying to enter a URL, which is not allowed). 

Also make sure that you entered the right postcode. If you entered the wrong postcode, you won't be able proceed to the next step. 

For any further questions, please contact our support. 

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