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I cannot save my Google My Business description
I cannot save my Google My Business description

Find out how to write a Google My Business description and save it in your account.

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Why can’t I save my Google My Business description?

Directories such as Google My Business have strict rules when it comes to business descriptions. You will be asked to add a short and long description. Both have a limited number of characters and purposes. The short description is to give a quick overview of what your business is about in general, while the detailed description provides more in-depth information about the business.

If you’re getting an error and can’t save your description you should check the following:

  • Number of characters

  • Full stop followed by space

Number of characters

To make sure your description fulfils the directories' requirements, our application won’t let you save your description if it exceeds the character limit. In the bottom right corner of the text box, you will see the remaining characters left.

You might have problems saving your description if you copy/paste it from another document or page. The copied text might have some previous formatting counting as extra characters, even though you cannot see it when you paste it on the page. For this reason, we suggest that you type it manually.

Full stop followed by space

When writing your description do not forget to add space after every full stop. Otherwise, the app will think that you are trying to enter a URL, which is not allowed, and you will get an error.

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