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rankingCoach 360, the best option for your website!
rankingCoach 360, the best option for your website!

All you need to work on your Digital Marketing in one single App!

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If you're already using rankingCoach FREE, you’re probably looking for effective ways to optimize your website. It is, indeed, a good start. However, optimizing one’s website can take a lot of time that you can dedicate to focus on what actually matters: your business. That is why, if you want automated processes and easy and quick actions that you can do to bring your website to the next level and save a lot of your precious time, we have the perfect option for you: rankingCoach 360!

rankingCoach 360 includes all the features that rankingCoach FREE has but, on top of that, you’ll also be able to create and synchronize your business profile in all relevant directories with our automatic function, create targeted Google Ads campaigns in 3 easy steps, still track your mentions in the internet and your competition, and we’ll provide you with tailored tasks and step-by-step video tutorials that will help you skyrocket your digital marketing strategy.

Be found locally thanks to our automatic sync in the most relevant directories!

Now more than ever, it is essential to have an established online presence to be found easily by your customers. Having a business profile in the most relevant local directories can help you to boost your online presence and visibility as everybody around you looking for a business like yours can find you first instead of your competition. However, having all those profiles and going one by one in each directory every time to update them can be quite time consuming. That is why a lot of business owners might think that it’s okay to leave a directory without updating if, for example, they change the opening times, since they don’t have the time to change it. But it’s not very respectable of a business to have a profile in a directory where it says it closes at 6pm when in reality it’s at 5pm. If a customer comes to your shop and it is not open when the internet says it should be, you might have lost a potential customer. It is crucial that all your information is up to date and uniform all over the web so neither Google nor your customers overlook your business!

For that reason, the automatic synchronization of rankingCoach 360 is ideal for you! It will create and synchronize the profiles of your business in the most relevant directories in your country which saves you the time to go directory per directory to either create the profile or modify the information every time something changes in your business. You can just do it from rankingCoach and it will be changed in all your directories! You won’t have to worry about how much time you need to spend to keep your online reputation on point, you can just focus on your business!

Moreover, with the automatic synchronization you can also sync your Google My Business and your Facebook profiles and not just get reports about them. You will also be able to actively change them, everything just from one platform!

Get a great SEO strategy with our tailored tasks!

As you have been working on the optimization of your website with rankingCoach FREE, you might have noticed that selecting the right keywords is the crucial part of a good SEO strategy. However, you may wonder, what do I do from this point? In rankingCoach you can see the reports of your positions in Google and if they change, you get a notification about it. But, of course, the work is not done just by tracking your keywords; you need to actively change the content in your website in order to achieve the best results in search engines. Also, it cannot just be in random places, there are specific parts of your html code and your content where you should be using the keywords - or not using them at all.

You can discover all of this thanks to our easy to follow video tutorials which guide you through where to insert your keywords in your specific Content Management System (CMS) so you can easily and quickly make the needed changes to reach those top results in Google!

Moreover, we also offer other tasks that will help you optimize your website in- and off-page, tasks about how to improve your social media strategy in platforms like facebook, twitter and instagram, and other local marketing tasks that will help you find other directories where you can create profiles and extend your online presence!

Brand watch, reviews and reputation management all from one place!

Since the Internet is a very fast-paced world and is in constant change, sometimes it can be quite challenging to be always on top of what is happening if you don’t have the right tools. With rankingCoach FREE you get notifications about mentions of your brand name on the internet, reports of your ranking positions and your competitors, news on social media from you and your competitors and also notifications about what reviews your clients are posting about you and your business.

Reviews are extremely important for your business and your online reputation. One bad review unanswered and not taken care of can lead to a potential customer leaving the idea of purchasing your products or services. That is why we recommend you to answer all reviews, and as fast as possible. With rankingCoach 360 we make this easier for you! You will still get a notification every time you get a review and, on top of that, you will be able to answer directly from our platform. This means that you won’t have to then go to another platform and answer from there, you will just have all your reviews in one place and you’ll be able to manage them from the exact same place. rankingCoach 360 will save you a lot of time that you can dedicate exclusively to your business!

Get more traffic with professional Google Ads campaigns!

As you have probably noticed with your rankingCoach FREE account, you get notifications every time a competitor launches a new ad. This can help you also to know where your competition stands and try to do a campaign in Google Ads to surpass them if you do have the budget for it.

However, Google Ads campaigns from its platform can be quite challenging to set for people who have no experience in the field. That is why in rankingCoach 360 we offer you an easy 3 step tool to launch your professional ads campaign so you can stay on top of your competitors! You will be able to work on your own ads campaign and keep an eye on what your competitors are doing, in one single App!

We provide you with ads suggestions from our database, taking into account which are the best ads for you that also perform the best, and that are easy to edit for your necessities. You can also select a budget that adapts to your business and select where your customers are coming from. Creating a Google Ads campaign has never been easier!

To further increase your chance at getting more visitors, we also have extensions that can help you to boost your performance once you have launched your campaign. For example, you can add your phone number or address so people can call you or visit easily. This is the best way to draw traffic to your website and get more customers!

What are you waiting for?

All in all, if you are already using rankingCoach FREE but you find it’s not enough or you would like automated features to have more time to dedicate exclusively to your business, then rankingCoach 360 is the solution for you! Click here to find out how to upgrade your account to 360!

If you are a bit lost, we have team support that can help you with whatever questions you might have, so don’t hesitate to come to us whenever you need to. We are happy to help you!

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