Do you want to change the domain you have entered in rankingCoach? As there can be several reasons why you would want to do that, do not worry, this can of course be done with rankingCoach and it’s very easy to do! Please note that this article is dedicated only to 360 subscriptions and not for agencies, as there are other rules that apply to them at the time of adding projects.

One easy way that you can do this yourself is to go to “Manage projects” on the left menu, down the “General” tab, and remove your current project.

You just have to hove over your current project and click on the red cross. When you remove it, you will be redirected to the first onboarding. This will allow you to start from scratch with another domain and you will have to go through all the set up again. However, take into account that when you delete a project it won’t be completely deleted until the end of your contract period. If you then add another project but your previous one was not yet deleted, you will be additionally charged a prorated fee for the new one for the remaining days until your next billing date of your subscription.

On the other hand, if you have changed the domain name but the website remains the same and you do not want to lose any progress you made with rankingCoach, you can just ask our support directly via the chat or sending an email to We’ll be more than happy to change the domain for you! Remember to send us a message where it states the old website and the one you want to change to, including if it has https. This way it will be done effectively and quickly so you can continue working on your optimization right away!

Please, note that if you have already used the Local Marketing feature and have synced the online directories, the change of the domain won’t be possible until after one month of the synchronization. This is due to external costs from a partnership that allows us to do the automatic sync for your directories.

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