1. rankingCoach 360 pricing

  2. How many projects can I add to my plan?

1. rankingCoach 360 pricing

We offer three types of subscriptions: a monthly subscription, which you can cancel at any time, a yearly subscription and a free subscription.

SEO is a long term process that requires monitoring and adjustments over a long period of time, and we have adjusted our plans so you can get a substantial discount when you subscribe to a 12-month subscription.

Please note that annual subscriptions are billed the annual discount cost upfront, not monthly.

To choose the best plan for your business check out our pricing pages

You can select which subscription you prefer by clicking on the toggle slider from an annual subscription to a monthly one.

rankingCoach is helping SMBs in many different countries and the pricing varies depending on your country and your currency, as well as the VAT rates.

Click on the links below to check out the pricing for your country :

Contact our team if you would like to get more information about our plans and features. Our team can also help if you would like to switch from a monthly plan to an annual one and save 40%.

rankingCoach Free subscription is our special offer for all users who would like to try rankingCoach, albeit with limited features. However, we do allow you to manage and monitor one domain, and a small sample of keyword reports, connect your Google My Business account and access our live notification feed for your business.

2. How many projects can I add to my plan?

With your rankingCoach 360 subscription, you can work on the SEO of one website in the country where your business is registered.

If you want to work on several websites or if you want to optimize your website for several countries, you will have to add additional projects to your rankingCoach account.

Keep in mind that each new project is charged separately, pro-rata, and the charge is based on the type and duration of your subscription.

If you need to add more projects you’d like to manage, or you are an agency owner, we have rankingCoach Agency 360 plans.

Depending on the Agency version that you choose, you can work on 5, 15, 30 or 50 projects at the same time. To find more about the pricing and plan that works for you, reach out to our team for more information.

Please note that the budget of your Google Ads campaign is not included in your subscription fees, and the Ads budget is charged separately. Click here for more information about the payment of your Google Ads campaign.

For more information about our plans and cancellations check out our pages, or speak to our team.

Any questions about other topics? We have more articles on our help pages:

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