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VAT and rankingCoach

Why am I being charged VAT and how can I add my VAT number?

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1. How to add a VAT number?

Not all rankingCoach customers have to pay VAT when they have a valid VAT number.

To make sure you do not get charged VAT, you will have to insert your VAT number manually in your rankingCoach account. We do not have access to the VAT data of companies and can’t add it automatically on our end.

To add your VAT number you must log into your account's personal settings. Once you are in your personal settings, you have to go to the Invoice Address section, and there you can add your VAT number. Don’t forget to save any changes made.

If you cannot save your VAT number correctly, it could mean the VAT number is not valid for cross-border transactions. Always double-check if the VAT number you have entered is valid. You can check this via the European Commission website using the following link:

For more information about VAT refunds for cross-border transactions, check out this website from the European Commission.

Once you have successfully saved your VAT number, it will be processed in our payment system so that you will not be charged VAT on your invoices.

2. I forgot to add a VAT number

In the case that you forget to enter or update your VAT number and VAT is added to your rankingCoach invoice, you can get the VAT back from the tax department of your own country.

The tax that you paid is issued by your own country. You can always download all your invoices for a tax refund under the billing section in your rankingCoach account.

For more questions about payment, please contact our support team, we are more than happy to help you.

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