In case you do not have an existing Google My Business account yet, you can create your Google My Business account through rankingCoach. You simply have to follow the steps of the onboarding. The onboarding of Google My Business will take you through the steps to allow you to choose your verification method in order to activate your new Google My Business account. 

One of the verification methods you can choose from is the ID NOW mobile app, but what is IDNOW and how does it work? 

IDNOW is an Identity verification platform that can efficiently verify your identification. IDNOW is Europe’s leading “Know Your Customer” online company that guarantees legal security and data security. In this manner, we can verify that you are the one creating a Google My Business account for your own business. To learn more about ID, you can click here

In order to verify your new Google My Business account with IDNOW Mobile App, you can simply click on “Start Verification” under IDNOW MOBILE APP. 

Once you have clicked on “Start Verification”, you will get to the next page where you will get the instructions on how to verify with IDNOW. 

First, you have to download the free app called : IDnow Autoldent on your mobile device. Once you successfully downloaded the App, make sure to have a Personal Identification document ready and an invoice or document from your company with the company name and address. You will later on need to scan these documents in the app with the camera of your phone. 

Once you have the app and the documents ready, please click on “I Have Installed the app”. 

This will bring you to the next page where we will provide you with a unique IDnow verification code that you have to enter when you open the app IDnow Autoldent. Once you have entered the code in the app, you simply have to follow the steps of taking a selfie, scanning your ID document and the company document. 

Once you successfully finished the steps in your app, the page in rankingCoach will automatically refresh and show you that you successfully finished the steps in the app and that the data is now being checked by a human agent. This can take up to 30 minutes.

While your verification is being checked by a human agent, your Google My Business status will be pending. Once your data has successfully been checked by the human agent and your data was approved, Google my Business will automatically synchronize in rankingCoach which means your Google My Business is connected to rankingCoach. 

In case you have a problem within the IDNOW Autoldent app, you can contact IDNOW so they can have a look at what went wrong. 

For any further questions, please contact our support team, we are happy to help you.  

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