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How does the free trial work with PayPal?
How does the free trial work with PayPal?

Learn how the rankingCoach 360 trial works with PayPal and why you would see a temporary $1 charge on PayPal when registering.

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1. Is it really a free trial with PayPal?

Our rankingCoach 360 subscription gives you the great opportunity to test our tool for 7 days for free! The free trial is completely for free for all users who try our rankingCoach app for their first time. Before the trial period, we ask for payment information since you will have unrestricted access to our entire tool, accompanied by full support. Therefore, we ask for a minor form of commitment. However, it is still always possible to cancel during the free trial and you will then not be charged with anything!

While entering your payment data, you will have different payment methods that you can choose from. In case you choose PayPal, you might have noticed that $1 was “taken” from your PayPal account. Do not worry, as we said, the free trial of 7 days is completely for free, also for you!

2. Why was $1 shown as a charge on PayPal?

The $1 on PayPal is just a test to make sure the payment details are correct. Therefore, the $1 is not a debit, but an authorization to check the account to make sure both systems can communicate properly with each other. When PayPal shows this charge, you can check the account and you will notice that the $1 was never captured or taken from your account and the $1 reverts to active within 24 hours.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team, we are happy to help you!

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