rankingCoach helps you step by step to work on your SEO by providing you with customized tasks that contain video tutorials to show you exactly what you have to do in each task. You are not sure if you did the task right? Don’t worry, once you finish a task, rankingCoach will check to see if you did the task correctly! If you did the task correctly, you will immediately notice successful “Task Completed” prompt. However, if the task was done incorrectly or partially with some data still missing, the task will give you an error message that looks like this: 

Whenever you are not able to complete a task, rankingCoach will exactly tell which part of the task is incomplete or which data is missing. rankingCoach does this check to make sure that you are following the right SEO strategy so that your website can reach high rankings in search engines. By providing you the information about which part of the task is missing, you can easily make sure to include this missing part so that you can successfully finish the task. 

If you are pretty sure that you completed the task, but you still get an error message, please make sure to check the following steps: 

  • Check the URL of the page. It could be that you really implemented keywords correctly on the right page like you entered them in rankingCoach, for example your homepage, yet, the task cannot be marked as complete. It could be that you inserted the wrong URL in rankingCoach and that rankingCoach is therefore not analyzing the correct page. Or iff it concerns your homepage, make sure that the URL you inserted in rankingCoach is the correct URL to your homepage. To know exactly which URL you used, click on “General” in the left menu and then on “Business” and check the “Website info” section. 

If it turns out that you inserted the wrong URL, you can change it in the “Manage projects” section. You need to delete your current project with the wrong domain and create a new one. Please note that when you delete your project, you will lose the current data and settings. If your current website has been relocated to another domain and you would like to keep all the data, please contact our customer support. 

If the tasks concern your subpages, make sure that you inserted the correct subpages in rankingCoach. 

You can check this by clicking in the left menu on “General” and then on “Subpages”. Here you can see whether you selected the right URLS of your subpages. Make sure you only inserted subpages that already exist on your website. 

  • Check  your keywords. If the task is telling you that keywords are missing, but you are convinced that you included these keywords, please always check if you implemented the keywords exactly how you selected them in rankingCoach. Adding or removing additional characters or punctuation marks will result in rankingCoach not being able to mark the task as correctly completed.

  • Make sure you selected the right page in your CMS. The tasks in rankingCoach tell you specifically for which page the task is meant. 

If you did the task for the wrong page, rankingCoach will not be able to mark the task as successfully completed. Therefore, it is important to always check in your CMS which page you selected before you start working on the task. 

  • Last but not least, as obvious as it sounds, it is important to carefully read each task thoroughly. It could be that you overlooked a small step by accident or that you misunderstood the task. 

If you are still having troubles with the tasks, or if you have more questions, please contact us, we are more than happy to help you. 

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