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How to connect my Facebook account with rankingCoach?
How to connect my Facebook account with rankingCoach?

If you're getting an error and cannot connect your Facebook account, check out this article and learn more about permissions and settings.

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1. How to connect Facebook and rankingCoach?

In case you have an existing Facebook account that you would like to connect to rankingCoach, you can simply go to your rankingCoach dashboard. In the left menu, click on “General” and then on “Social Connect”. Here you can connect your Facebook account to rankingCoach by clicking on “Connect Account”.

Based on the data that you inserted in rankingCoach, the application will suggest a Facebook account with matching data.

In case this is not the correct Facebook page, you can still connect your correct Facebook page.

Please take note that Facebook is a third-party platform, therefore we need information and certain rights to be able to make the connection.

If you’re getting an error and can’t connect your accounts check your permission settings when connecting the accounts and make sure they are set to allow rankingCoach necessary access.

2. What type of access and permission should I check?

Make sure that all these options are on “yes”. If not, please turn the options to give rankingCoach rights in order to connect your Facebook page:

You need to have a certain role with Facebook in order to connect the page to rankingCoach. In this case, you need to have admin rights for the page (or pages) you manage on Facebook. Otherwise, it will give an error while trying to connect.

If you already have a Facebook page connected with us, and you want to add a different one, or you create another project and want to connect for the first time to a new Facebook page on that project, make sure that when you click on “Connect account” and the pop up will appear. Click first on “Edit settings” in order to check if the project you want to connect with us is marked. It looks like this:

Please take note that the Facebook token expires every 3 months, so you will have to follow these steps if you get the message that your account is not connected anymore.

If you have any questions or need help connecting the accounts, please contact our support team, we are happy to help you.

Any questions about other topics? We have more articles on our help pages:

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