If you get a general error message while trying to sync your data in the Google My Business setup, there are a few tricks you can try before contacting our support. Please read below and check that you have followed all these steps in your rankingCoach account.

Go to your rankingCoach dashboard, click on “General” in the menu on the left and then on “Business”. Then, check the following elements: 

  • Make sure that you did not enter the same phone number in the “TEL” field and in the “MOBILE/CELL” field. If you only have one phone number, please enter it in the “TEL” field even if it is a mobile number and leave the “MOBILE/CELL” field blank. 

  • Check that your postcode has the right format. If your postcode contains spaces for example, make sure to enter spaces where they should be. 

  • Check if the address you entered in rankingCoach matches an existing address in Google Maps. If the address used there is a bit different, please enter it in rankingCoach as it is on Google Maps. 

  • Make sure to click on all the boxes in the address section, even when you got a suggestion and all the fields appear to be filled in. That way we can certify each entry is correct by you.

Once you have gone through this checklist, go back to the “Google My Business” tab and try to sync again.  

If you have a rankingCoach 360 subscription and your account indicates a Facebook token error, please reconnect your Facebook account and try to sync again. 

If you still get an error message or if you have any further questions, please contact our support. 

Do you need assistance with another Google My Business section? Click here to have access to other possible solutions. 

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